Lakewood man ordered to pay over $27K to animal shelter after police remove 41 dogs from home

Ernest R. Lazor has a lengthy criminal history involving his dogs dating back to 2018.
Published: Jan. 2, 2023 at 4:31 PM EST
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LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) -A 71-year-old Lakewood man living with almost four dozen dogs at his home will have to pay up if he wants his dogs back.

Last month, police rescued 41 beagle dogs from Ernest Lazor’s home on Waterbury Road after multiple calls for action.

Lakewood Police officers said the house was full of feces.

“Numerous animals are not spayed or neutered so their having puppies and offspring and the conditions inside the home are very unkempt and unclean,” said Captain Gary Stone, Lakewood Police Department.

The smell, so bad, Lazor was cited back in August 2022 for “noxious or offensive odors.”

It’s one of nine criminal cases 19 Investigates uncovered, involving Lazor and the dogs, dating back to 2018.

On Dec. 19, the dogs were taken to Lakewood Animal shelter and are being cared for as officials investigate the case.

On Dec, 29, Lazor faced a judge where the city laid out how much it’ll cost the Shelter to take care of the dogs for 30 days: a whopping $27,078 due by Friday, Jan. 6.

The court decided Lazor will have to foot that bill if he wants to keep his dogs.

Many are wondering where all of the dogs will live.

The city of Lakewood condemned Lazor’s home on Waterbury Road with investigators telling 19 News it’s unlivable and will have to be gutted.

19 Investigates found records showing that Lazor purchased 26 acres of vacant land in Trumbull County back in October 2022.

19 News called Lazor to ask what his intentions are for those dogs if he pays the fine and gets them back but he did not return calls to our newsroom.

Lazor is due back in court Jan. 24.