OVI suspect does backflip for Broadview Heights Police trying to prove he’s not drunk

Published: Jan. 4, 2023 at 10:14 PM EST
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BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - A man arrested and charged with OVI literally flipped out in front of Broadview Heights Police, as he tried to improvise a backflip as his own form of a sobriety test.

Tanner Watson who ultimately was charged with speeding and OVI nailed the landing of that backflip that was caught on police bodycam, and he even received some praise from officers.

But, they also made it clear that operating a vehicle while under the influence is a serious matter, and a gymnastics move, no matter how impressive, does not constitute a drunk driving test.

Watson’s white Ram 1500 was spotted speeding on Broadview Road back on November 23, according to Broadview Heights Police.

Officers on the scene said Watson who was driving and had three passengers in the vehicle, came to an awkward stop, had extremely glossy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol was coming from the vehicle.

When asked by police how many beers he had, Tanner initially told police 2 to 3, and then later said he had 3 to 4 beers.

But, according to a report, police observed 6 clues of impairment as Watson took a horizontal gaze test.

As the officer instructed Watson to keep his eyes on the tip of the officer’s finger, Watson says something on the body cam video that was difficult to decipher, and then tells police, “You went back and forth too many times. I’m getting a little dizzy over here.”

Then, as Watson is asked to walk a straight line as part of a police sobriety test he appears to become a uncooperative or even a bit belligerent.

The Broadview Heights Officer asking at one point, “Have you had any psychedelic drugs today man?”

Watson said he was not under the influence of any drugs, but, begins to yell at the officer and repeatedly ask how he wants him to walk a straight line, “To me I picture a straight line compared to your straight line, it would be obscured,” as Watson appears to slur his words.

The police officer tells Watson he cannot explain the walking test any clearer to him, and then tells Watson to turn around and place his hands behind his back.

That’s when Watson is handcuffed and placed in back of a cruiser.

The OVI suspect asks what proof do police have that he was driving while intoxicated, and the officer responds, “You can’t tell me what a straight line is, I think that’s pretty solid proof.”

Watson was put in a cell to detox according to the police report and charged with OVI and speeding.

He made his initial appearance in court on December 1st.