19 Troubleshooters get results for Warrensville Heights woman with no heat

Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 8:16 PM EST
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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO)- The 19 News Troubleshooters are getting results for a woman with nowhere else to turn.

After her heat kept going on and off at her apartment for months, she called the 19 Troubleshooters.

Now, she’s feeling toasty warm.

Harley, who didn’t want to share her last name, can now lounge on her couch or watch tv comfortably in her apartment.

Just over two weeks ago, when we first met her, that wasn’t the case.

“If I turn this off, the temperature will actually drop in here,” said Harley, talking about her electrical fireplace.

She relied on that electrical fireplace to keep her warm in her bed, and her thermostat often read in the 60′s, or even 50′s.

After months of contacting her property manager, and remaining in the cold, she called the 19 Troubleshooters.

She’s seen us in action before and hoped we could get results again.

Just one day after our story aired, a maintenance team fixed her heat.

“I haven’t had that problem since,” said Harley.

She’s had no more frigid nights, and she credits 19 News.

“I feel like if you hadn’t ever came out here, it would’ve still been cold in here,” said Harley. “And I feel like it’s really sad that it took for you to come out here for them to fix the heat.”

19 Troubleshooters got results just in time before that nasty blizzard.

“Were you worried at all?” 19 News asked. “Yeah. It was gonna be cold..!” said Harley.

Now Harley sits comfortably, no fireplace needed, and refers others in need to the 19 Troubleshooters.

“You referred us to your neighbor, can you tell me why?” 19 News asked. “Because you were the only one that was gonna help,” said Harley.