Family of Barberton mother missing for nearly a month desperate for answers

Published: Jan. 12, 2023 at 10:51 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The parents of a missing Barberton woman are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads them directly to their daughter.

25-year-old Ma’Ri’Ana Spaulding of Magnolia Drive in Barberton literally vanished without a trace in mid-December, according to her family and police.

Her mother Lavina Black tells 19 News, “This is just abnormal for Ma’Ri’Ana. She always kept in contact with family and friends, even if she needed time for herself, she always kept in contact.”

Ma’Ri’Ana’s father Ahmad Spaulding tells 19 News he talked to his daughter on December 17th by telephone, and she texted him on December 18th asking for a few dollars to help her with an emergency. Spaulding says he sent her some money and tried to contact his daughter, but she never responded, “I sent her money and everything, but, so we’re waiting to see if she received the Cash App, and if it was spent. That’s some of the things we’re waiting on from the police detectives right now.”

Barberton Police say the 25-year-old mother to a 4-year-old son could be driving her 2007 Chevy Impala that is a pink Champagne color and has temporary tags. Detectives just want to know she’s okay, and need the public’s help.

Her mother Lavina Black says she’s concerned her daughter may have met someone online who had bad intentions, or she’s been forced into human trafficking or worse, “Mariana she’s a real carefree spirit you know. She’s a real friendly person, she just trusts without thinking. All her social media is completely gone. We can’t even find anything, she’s a Facebook person, she’s a real big TikTok person, she TikTok’s all day Her messenger is gone, everything, it’s like she just vanished without a trace.”

But, most troubling to those who know and love her, Ma’Ri’Ana’s cell phone goes straight to voicemail, someone keeps taking down her missing posters, and the locks on her home have been changed, and the inside left in disarray. The Barberton woman also never contacted any of her family for Christmas, or her 4-year-old son’s December birthday -- and this year was a major milestone for her little boy, “Her son is a heart transplant patient and he spent the majority of his life in the hospital. So, this year was his first big year of being home, of being able to celebrate holidays and his birthday at home with family.”

Now, a family is standing united, pleading for information on Ma’Ri’Ana’s whereabouts, vowing they won’t stop searching until she’s safely back home, “We’re going to find you Ma’Ri’Ana, we’re going to find you. We’re going to bring you home. Don’t give up, keep your strength, keep your faith, and just know that you’re loved, you’re loved and you’re missed honey.”

If you have any information on Ma’Ri’Ana Spaulding’s whereabouts please contact Barberton Police Detectives at: (330) 861-7250.