6th car crashes into same Cleveland neighborhood yard in 3 months while exiting I-90

Published: Feb. 4, 2023 at 11:13 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - For the sixth time in three months, a car exiting I-90 has crashed into a yard on West Boulevard in Cleveland.

It was in November when a speeding truck exiting the interstate slammed into a West Boulevard home, destroying the porch and narrowly missing the gas meter. Just minutes before that crash family members were sitting on the porch that was destroyed.

Sherry Heart says she’s lived in her West Boulevard home her entire life, but she fears with the frequent crashes into her home and on her lawn, someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed, “Around 2:25 am in the morning a car with four people inside hit the light pole and traffic control box at the top of my drive. This is six accidents in three months that’s happened, and every time it happens, it’s like opening a wound. This is happening way to much lately.”

Heart says the guardrail in her yard has been replaced 44 times, and her home slammed into by cars and trucks four times due to speeding and out-of-control cars exiting the freeway.

Heart tells 19 News Saturday’s early morning crash took out a light police and left live wires exposed. The four people in the car took off leaving a light pole on the ground and various car parts.

But, her real fear is that someone will be seriously hurt or killed in part due to a serious design flaw as cars exit the interstate -- and put three homes straight in their path, “I’m still waiting for ODOT to do something, even if it’s something temporarily. I know they talked about doing something at the end of 2023, but, the problem is, it’s happening now.”

It was a series of Troubleshooter reports in November that led to Cleveland City Council, Ohio’s Governor and ODOT getting involved to find a solution to a problem impacting Heart’s home and two others that sit directly in front of the exit ramp. Heart says if her homes takes another hit, it’s game over, “If my house takes a hit - my house is done. So, I mean the stress level is just ridiculous. I don’t know where to go anymore.”

Heart, her next door neighbors and Ward 11 Cleveland Councilman Danny Kelly have met with an ODOT representative twice to consider different options. Councilman Kelly says, “He seemed willing to do whatever to expedite it and then we assured them our side - the city, is ready to go when they are and get this done.”

All seem to agree that putting in a triangle bottom at the end of the freeway ramp will force cars to go left or right, and slow down. A three foot concrete barrier and flashing lights will likely also be part of the plan. But, acording to ODOT those solutions are in the planning stages and likely one year away.

Heart says, “I’m just asking for them to understand what we’re going through, and do something temporarily. This is ridiculous. We love our homes, we want to stay here, but what do we do?”