Sandusky still waiting for Norfolk Southern to complete train derailment repairs

A train carrying paraffin wax derailed near Downtown Sandusky in October
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 7:15 PM EST
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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WOIO) - East Palestine is not the only Ohio town to have a train derailment on Norfolk Southern tracks in recent months.

A train carrying paraffin wax derailed in Sandusky in October. It happened near the Columbus Avenue underpass near downtown.

The City of Sandusky said they are still waiting on repairs from Norfolk Southern to be completed. The derailment caused a lot of damage to the sewer infrastructure, pavement on Columbus Avenue, and the retaining walls of the underpass.

“During the cleanup process, there was additional damage made to the roadway, vertical walls, pedestrian railing, lift station curbs and gutters, drive aprons, landscaping, and adjacent roadways during cleanup activities,” Sandusky city officials said. “Due to the potential instability of the walls of the damaged lift station, as well as other safety factors, the Columbus Avenue underpass has remained closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic since October.”

Sandusky city officials hope the clean up and repairs are completed soon.

Norfolk Southern has been making some of their own repairs, which 19 News captured on camera back in October.

As for remaining repairs, Norfolk Southern said they are committed to reimbursing the city for repairs they make to speed up the process.

“In November, the City submitted a comprehensive list of known damaged infrastructure to {Norfolk Southern} with a request for a commitment from {Norfolk Southern} to pay for all repairs listed,” Sandusky city officials said. “{Norfolk Southern} responded with a letter indicating that {Norfolk Southern} has agreed to compensate the City for damage that “occurred during the derailment,” and the City has requested clarification to ensure that commitment includes damage that occurred during the cleanup.”

Sandusky city officials said they do not have a timeline of when these repairs will be completed. They said they are pushing to have Columbus Avenue safely reopened as soon as possible.

19 News has reached out to Norfolk Southern and has not yet heard back.