Woman becomes Mentor-on-the-Lake Police’s 1st female sergeant

Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 11:23 PM EST
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MENTOR-ON-THE-LAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - A Northeast Ohio woman is making history as the first female sergeant in her Mentor-on-the-Lake’s history.

She is blazing a path for other girls and women dreaming of a career in law enforcement.

Sgt. Tina Messinger’s number one job is to protect and serve, but she also inspires.

“Striving to do the best possible,” said Messinger.

She works the overnight patrol shift for the Mentor-on-the-Lake Police Department.

“Right now I am currently the only active female on our roster,” said Messinger.

She is the only woman in the city’s police force, and her “goal is to climb the chain.”

She’s done just that, making “her-story” as the department’s first female sergeant.

“I am in a profession where my daughter can grow up and she can see me as a positive role model,” said Messinger.

She is using that to motivate herself and inspire other women.

“I would be lying if I said that didn’t have to face certain obstacles in the past at other departments and other agencies,” said Messinger.

Messinger leads by example.

Not only is she overcoming obstacles in her own path, she is heading up several community outreach programs to help others find success from their own struggles.

“I wanted law enforcement to be more involved with the community, to increase community relations. To show the community that it’s not just about arresting people,” said Messinger.

Her work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

She was awarded officer of the year.

While awards are nice, this new position is just the start for her.

Messinger has bigger goals ahead.

Maybe even one day, becoming chief some where.