Cleveland police search for hit-and-run driver who mowed down hairdresser outside of a bar

Published: Feb. 17, 2023 at 10:18 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who mowed down a Strongsville hairdresser.

37-year-old Kellie Brown has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Her parents tell 19 News she has severe brain damage, skull fractures, and a shattered pelvis.

“She’s destroyed her life right now,” said Laura Brown, Kelly’s mother. “It’s hard to see her when you walk in, she doesn’t know who you are and she’s angry and she should be.”

On Saturday night Kellie was out with some friends at PM Junction Tavern on W. 130th and Carrington Avenue in Cleveland. Kellie’s parents said she loves to sing and was there for karaoke.

Kellie is a hairstylist. Her parents told 19 News she was out with one of her clients that night.

“Kellie somehow ended up out of the car and we don’t know that story either if she was trying to get out, if she fell out if she was thrown out, we don’t know and then this person hit her with the car backed up and then drove her and fled the scene,” her mother said.

19 News obtained surveillance video of the horrifying incident. In the video you see an SUV pull out of the bar parking lot. The driver then turns around nearly driving into the bar, you can see a person get out of the car, that’s Kellie. In the video, you can’t tell if she got out on her own or if she was pushed. We paused the video there because what came next is too disturbing. The next thing you see is the driver backing up over Kellie. Then the driver slowly reverses and plows forward running over Kellie a second time. “We got the call at like 4 in the morning that she was there,” the mother recalled.

Kellie had her second surgery Friday to repair her pelvis and doctors told the Browns she’ll need at least one more.

“She has some very severe brain injuries, skull fractures, and bleeding in her brain in several places. Her entire pelvis has been crushed and she even has tire marks across her,” Laura explained.

The family worries their daughter won’t be able to work again and they don’t think she has health insurance.

The tragedy has been tough on the whole family including Kellie’s younger sister. “She’s so upset,” Laura cried. “She’s always asking me mom is she gonna be okay? I can’t tell her that. I don’t know.”

Laura and Joe Brown are just praying that the driver will turn themselves in.

“Please have a conscience and know how much damage you have caused and that Kellie may never be the same person again and that her road to recovery is gonna be extensive,” Laura said.

Cleveland police said they do believe they know who the driver is, and they believe this person may have intentionally run over Kellie. If you know the driver or if you know where the driver might be, call Cleveland detectives.