19 Troubleshooters get answers on former Robert Fulton Elementary School

Published: Mar. 10, 2023 at 6:00 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Imagine looking out of your window and seeing an abandoned school covered in grafitti and trash.

That’s been the the reality for neighbors in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood going on 13 years now.

They want answers as to what’s happening with the old Robert Fulton Elementary School.

“It’s just a little depressing,” said Erick Walker, a homeowner on East 140th Street.

Walker is tired of driving down his street every day and seeing this.

The former Robet Fulton Elementary School has seen better days. It’s boarded up, falling apart, and covered in grafitti.

After sitting vacant for 13 years, Walker wants something done about it.

“It’s an eyesore to the community,” said Walker. “It brings down our property value. And so we need answers. My neighbors and I are really concerned about potential crime that can continue to happen here.”

It’s not easy seeing the once-bustling school deteriorate to this.

Walker grew up on East 140th and went to school at Robert Fulton Elementary.

It’s another reason why he cares so much and wants to see it become great again.

“This neighborhood is dear to me,” said Walker. “I want to make sure that attention is brought to it. The whole Mount Pleasant area is dear to me.”

So what will this school become?

Walker asked the 19 Troubleshooters to find out.

We started with the city. The mayor’s office told us the Tober Building Company is the new developer.

We called them next. They told us the plan is to make the site high-quality, mixed-income housing for the community.

They say they’re still in the early planning stages and working to secure more funding, but they plan on holding several meetings with the community before building begins.

The Tober Building Company says the earliest they would start building is the end of 2024.

Finally, some answers for Walker and potentially a chance for him to give his own input for a site he holds near and dear.