Peninsula woman worried she’ll run out of gas after supplier stopped delivering

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 6:17 PM EDT
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PENINSULA, Ohio (WOIO) - A woman’s scared she’s going to run out of gas after her propane supplier stopped filling up her tank.

She has called dozens of times, but no one has come out for six weeks.

“I never let it get this low,” said Carol Sitara, an AmeriGas customer. “Never let it get this low.”

Carol Sitara is worried.

It has been three months since she last received propane and she’s starting to think she’s going to run out.

Her last delivery was scheduled in January, but when she checked her tanks, no propane was added.

The problem, according to AmeriGas, is the tanks suddenly have to be moved.

Sitara said the tanks have been in the same place for 20 years, and while she hasn’t gotten an explanation as to why it’s a problem, she wants it fixed before it’s too late.

“Send out somebody,” said Sitara. “Send out a serviceman. Look at the tank. Look at it. What’s the problem? And if there is a problem, it’s your problem, and get out here and fix it.”

Making matters more frustrating, Sitara has paid every bill on time.

Now, she’s using space heaters to conserve gas, never letting her thermostat get above mid 60′s.

“It’s cold out and I’m afraid to use it up,” said Sitara.

So she called the 19 Troubleshooters and we called AmeriGas ourselves.

They told us they’ve scheduled an appointment for Sitara’s tanks to be moved this week, and the issue with the location may be weather related.