“They call it Dragway 141;” Maple Heights residents sick of speeding problem on residential road

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 6:24 PM EDT
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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Drivers have been treating a local street more like a race track and neighbors say they are fed up.

“They call it Dragway 141,” said Councilman Tim Tatum.

Councilman Tim Tatum is sick of drivers disregarding the speed limit and gunning it down East 141st, the street he and his wife have called home for more than ten years.

He’s seen plenty of crashes himself, some leaving their mark behind like a gash in a tree, leaning electric poles, and car parts in people’s yards.

The city has made some effort to get drivers’ attention, but it has been less than effective.

“We’re trying to find solutions that work for everybody,” said Councilman Tatum.

That’s why Monday, he says the mayor, chief of police, and ODOT met to discuss that very thing.

Solutions like speed tables, roundabouts, and heavier police presence were all mentioned.

All great ideas, but Tatum is sick of waiting for them to happen.

“Waiting on the data is one thing, but somebody getting seriously injured or killed is another thing.”

So we called the city ourselves to see if they could give us a better idea of when some of these safety changes could take effect.

Mayor Annette Blackwell says when it comes to making a decision on speed tables, they’re hearing more data from Cleveland may be available by winter of next year.

In terms of other safety changes, they’ll have a better idea when they find out about whether or not they’ve received funding this fall.

The waiting game continues for residents on East 141st.

In the mean time, Councilman Tatum will do whatever he can to protect his neighbors.