Akron family’s trailer stolen with everything they owned in it including irreplaceable mementos

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 10:22 PM EDT
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AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - After going through several heartbreaking tragedies, an Akron family finally thought their luck had changed but that was before someone stole their trailer. The trailer had everything they owned inside of it while their home was being renovated.

“We were going through another blessing to get our house fixed and then somebody comes and steals all our belongings so just when you think you’re getting ahead you take 10 steps back,” said Deborah King.

The family learned their Akron home on Ackley Street contained lead paint so they are currently staying in a temporary home while theirs is renovated and they had to remove all of their belongings.

“What we did is we put our stuff out into the trailer and we locked it up we thought it was nice and secure,”

The trailer was sitting right here in the driveway of their home. They checked and it was still here Wednesday evening, but when the family dropped their daughter at the bus stop early Thursday morning, it was gone.

“I was thinking they moved it cause they needed room,” King said. “When I made the call at 8 o’clock to the head construction worker and he told me no I felt very sick to my stomach.”

The Akron mother lost her daughter, 23-year-old Keera Bradley in 2021. She died when the man she was in the car with started a high-speed chase with Akron police, crashing into a dumpster and leaving her daughter for dead. “A lot of her stuff I can’t get back,” King said through tears.

“I can’t get back the pictures. I can’t get back the knickknacks. I can’t get back the things that she made so that’s the things we can’t get back. So that’s what hurts the most not that they sat there and took everything it’s that they took stuff from my daughter.”

In 2020 King’s father was brutally murdered in Akron.

“Our family has been through a lot,” King admitted. “So, the ones I feel the worst for are my kids. They’re concerned about where we’re gonna sleep when we get back in the house. We get back in there on the 4th and we have nothing to unpack.”

All the family has to their name now is a week’s worth of clothes and thankfully king still has her daughter’s ashes.

Akron police are investigating the theft and looking for the trailer. It is a gray and silver 6x12 Homesteader with a bullet nose.

“It’s just not fair that someone would do something like this and it’s gut-wrenching like they have no feelings about how you feel, how you affect the family,” said King.

The family filed an insurance claim, but they have a high deductible. They’re praying that some of their belongings will turn up.