Racist videos of Jackson High School students, parent spark movements for change

Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 11:05 PM EDT
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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WOIO) - A slew of shockingly racist videos started making the rounds on social media Friday and all of them feature Jackson High School students using racial slurs.

One video shows several Jackson High School students as well as a parent seen laughing as the girls repeatedly say the n-word. Another showed a student with a white towel on his head with text that read “I’m in the KKK.”

“I don’t think hurt is the right word,” said Kenedi Satterfield, a Senior at Jackson High School. “It was definitely more than hurt. I was disgusted and concerned for my own safety and other Black kids’ safety.”

Jackson High School students staged a protest in the cafeteria Monday following several disturbing racist videos that surfaced on social media showing their peers using racial slurs.

Some in the community like Teyona Bowen said Jackson Township is known for racism.

“It is,” Bowen said. “It is. It absolutely is.”

“Jesus it’s so bad now over there, that’s Jackson for you,” another man said after we showed him the videos.

“It’s infuriating,” said Daymi Dennis. “It blows my mind.”

Satterfield said she’s been dealing with racism since her freshman year.

“This isn’t the first time that we’ve come into contact with you know racial tensions but it definitely, it sucks a lot because you think that you’re safe at school sometimes and then you see stuff like this from other students.”

The Jackson Local School District Superintendent Chris DiLoreto called the videos “reprehensible and troubling.”

He said the district does not tolerate discrimination of any kind but said the district can’t discipline students who made videos off school property. He said students who took these videos on school property will face consequences.

Satterfield met with the principal and superintendent more than once this week. She said they’re looking at starting a student board to educate the school community.

“My phone hasn’t stopped blowing up since last night,” Satterfield said. “I’ve gotten numerous messages from many kids and even parents in support of me using my voice and me helping other kids use their voice to change what’s going on in our school.”

19 News reached out to the parent seen in one of these videos, but so far, she has not returned our phone calls or text messages.