Tall grass becomes safety problem for Cleveland Heights neighbors during No Mow May

Published: May. 19, 2023 at 10:54 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) -An eyesore has become a safety concern for some neighbors in Cleveland Heights.

A man says the grass on the vacant properties on either side of him on Silsby Road has gotten so high, he can barely see when he pulls out of his driveway.

He wants the city to cut it, but he says the recent “No Mow May” policy’s getting in the way.

“I’ve even witnessed from my porch, children going up and down the sidewalk and cars turning around in driveways, those kids are invisible,” said neighbor Ernest Pace.

Silsby Road can get busy, and Pace says the lack of visibility gets dangerous, fast.

So he contacted Cleveland Heights City Hall to get something done.

“They told me initially that they declared it ‘No Mow May,’ but they will take care of vacant properties,” said Pace. “But every follow-up call since then they said, ‘no were not sending anyone out until June.’”

June isn’t for another two weeks, and Pace worries if something isn’t done before then, someone might get hurt.

That’s why he contacted the 19 Troubleshooters, and we got to work.

After a couple of calls, the city’s communications director got back with us, saying the mayor is aware of the issue, and it should be resolved soon.

He stressed safety has always come before No Mow May, and if it’s the city’s responsibility to cut the properties, they’ll get it done before June.

An encouraging response for Pace and his neighbors, and you can bet the 19 Troubleshooters will stay on the city until they follow through with their promises.