Lorain contractor disputes accusations of not finishing family’s driveway

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 8:59 PM EDT
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LORAIN, Ohio (WOIO) - A Lorain family claimed contractor Cory Hall never finished their driveway after paying thousands of dollars.

“I never ever said that I wasn’t pouring the driveway, ever, still to this day,” said Hall.

Hall is the owner of A-1 Concrete and Waterproofing LLC.

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Hall and Orlando Ramos had an agreement that he would remodel his driveway for $7,800.

The contract states Ramos would pay a deposit of $3,900.

A receipt shows he made the payment.

The remaining is due when the job is complete.

“The money that he gave me took care of the work that was already done, plus some. I had to throw in a couple hundreds of dollars, but no big deal. If anybody is at a loss here is me,” said Hall.

Hall and his crew began ripping out the old driveway July 17.

It was a two-day process.

A quick Google search showed it takes three-seven days to demolish an old driveway and pave a new one.

The family waited for weeks.

Hall blamed mother nature, not getting help and other roadblocks along the way.

“It rained four of the days and then the other days, we had set it for pour on a Friday and three of my “pour” help didn’t show up,” said Hall.

The family said Hall didn’t communicate with them about the issues after they ripped out the driveway.

“We kept contacting him trying to figure out what was going on, why isn’t being done,” Ramos’ daughter, Myra Kovacs, said.

Hall said he admitted to the family he had a big job out of town.

It was a pre-planned trip he couldn’t miss.

“He told us he was so sorry, that he put this little job behind to do this big job,” said Kovacs.

Kovacs made a social media post on Aug. 2 asking the public for suggestions for someone to finish the driveway.

“I had this idea they weren’t having me finish the job anyway if she is asking for suggestions,” said Hall.

Hall eventually called Ramos explaining it would complete the job on Aug. 4, but he needed the money up front.

“I told them after this fiasco, I would like my money when the concrete truck pulls up,” said Hall.

On Aug. 4, he never returned to finish the job.

“Well, I started thinking the damage is already done, you don’t deserve the prettiest driveway on the block at that point,” said Hall.

The family told 19 News he caused damage to their fence and an electrical pole.

“When my operator was parking the excavator he ran into the fence a little bit and put a slight dent in it. I told the homeowner I would replace it with no problem. As far as the electric pole on the wall, the truck hit it slightly, pulled off a clamp, easy fix,” said Hall.

19 News began looking into Hall and his company.

We learned he changed the business name from Hall Away Concrete to A-1 Concrete and Waterproofing. According to the Better Business Bureau, he had a complaint from a consumer who says he did not finish the job at their home.

Hall claims he went to court for this matter.

“Nothing came out of that case and I went to court for it, I didn’t have to pay them any money. I didn’t have to do anything. The magistrate told him I did nothing wrong and I am good to go,” said Hall.

He also claimed Hall Away Concrete is still an active business and he didn’t change the name.

“I only operate out of the city of Lorain with Hall Away,” said Hall.

The BBB’s website showed Hall Away is no longer in business.

Hall told 19 News he created a new company not because of an old complaint, but he wanted to expand his clientele.

“I wanted to get more into water proofing and I thought if I made another company with water proofing, the word in it. That it would give me more calls,” said Hall.

BBB told 19 News they don’t have information listed for A-1 Concrete.

It was just incorporated March 25, 2023.

Kovacs and her are set to have the driveway finished this week.

They called another company to finish the driveway.