Roar by the Shore car show back on, relocates to Mentor-on-the-Lake

Published: Aug. 22, 2023 at 9:04 PM EDT
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MENTOR-ON-THE-LAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - The Roar by the Shore car show and fundraiser is back on track after its organizers secured city hall for its new venue.

“The political end is gone, let’s keep moving forward,” said car show chairman Paul Morris.

The car show and fundraiser for the Fisher House and veterans services was organized at Mentor Beach Park for the last seven years.

This year, Mentor city leaders said they cannot provide the public park to a private event organizer as per their policy.

After one final meeting with Mentor officials proved to be unsuccessful, the car show volunteers searched for a new venue.

“It came together at the last minute, but here we are and we’re going to make it succeed,” said car show co-chair and Paul’s son Jason Morris.

Their search landed them just a half-mile south from Mentor Beach Park—the Mentor-on-the-Lake city hall parking lot.

“We’re excited the organizers were able to work it out,” said Mentor-on-the-Lake police chief John Forsythe. “We’re excited to have it here.”

The Roar by the Shore organizing team looks to use the city hall parking lot, the grass baseball field behind it and a nearby grass space on the other side of Holly Drive.

The organizers also plan to coordinate with the operators of nearby plazas to make their parking lots available if necessary.

Paul said, “it’s quite a bit of space, but I believe we’re going to take it up quite nicely.”

The Morris family said their level of success would not have been possible without 19 News.

“I don’t think we would’ve reached the audience it did without you guys reaching out and covering this event,” Paul said.

Now, they are excited to deliver a memorable show for both the veterans and car fans who supported the organizers as they found a new venue.

“Lots and lots of supportive comments,” Jason said, “lots of people who didn’t want to see this event go away, and it’s overwhelming to be honest.”

The Roar by the Shore Car Show will be held on Sept. 2.