Planting a seed in Geauga County; sunflower field sprouts smiles

Published: Aug. 25, 2023 at 4:23 PM EDT
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CHESTERLAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Deep in the heart of Ohio, there’s a small Chesterland flower farm that has been operating under the radar for the past eight years.

Recently, they’ve decided to host events like “Cut-Your-Own-Sunflowers” and “Pick-your-own-Lavender” to grow their business.

This decision has been met with success.

“My wife Amy and I purchased the property in 2014,” owner Bob Rogish said. “It was an old dairy farm back in the 80s, and before. We remodeled the home and the buildings, turned it into what it is today.”

Rogish says that his goal is to bring people out to the farm.

“People like to come out and experience first-hand what happens on the farm,” Rogish said. “We went with the flower aspect-- my wife Amy, she loves flowers. It was a great fit for her to deal with the flowers.”

But despite keeping a small, tight-knit community farm, the couple still gives their time to local community events.

“Around Christmas time, we take one of our old antique trucks and drive Santa Claus around town,” Rogish said. “We participate in local parades in Chesterland and then we also are active in the county, [as well].”

All of this success, they are excited to experience for the first time.

“My wife Amy and I are both first generation farmers,” Rogish said. “We didn’t have farming families, we are both born and raised in the area. We have family members in the area too. I have two brothers, their families. Nieces, nephews, my parents, Amy’s parents, we all love spending time here on the farm.”

They will have a “Doggy Night” special event Aug. 25, for people to bring their dogs into the field.

Five dollars from every car-load will be donated to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Fund.

Their last “Cut-your-own-Sunflowers” event will be Saturday, Aug. 26.