Euclid tenants left without lawn service for two months due to non-payment

Published: Sep. 1, 2023 at 7:26 PM EDT
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EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - More troubles for tenants at a Euclid apartment complex because of an ongoing issue.

Their apartment management isn’t paying their bills.

This time, it’s affecting their landscaping, leading to lawns that haven’t been touched in two months.

“It looks like a disaster,” said Tenant Kimberly Barker.

Tenants at Euclid Apartments on East 276th Street aren’t mincing words when it comes to the condition of their apartment property and the lack of care they receive.

Overgrown weeds and debris from last week’s storm litter the lawn.

Barker says it’s becoming a safety issue.

“There are tree limbs that are literally broken in half that can be quite dangerous for any of these children that want to climb on these trees out of the premise of playing so I’m really concerned about that,” said Barker.

Barker says it has been more than two months since contractor U.S. Lawns came out to service the area.

But there’s a good reason for that.

“They’re not paying anyone,” said DeAndrade, owner of U.S. Lawns - Cleveland East.

According to DeAndrade, as of July first, Euclid Apartments owed them more than $55,000.

He said management promised they’d get paid by this week, but they never were.

They’re not the first company to stop service to Euclid Apartments due to non-payment.

Back in July, tenants were left without parking lot lights for weeks after management failed to pay First Energy.

Last time, a spokesperson for Euclid Apartments said the bills were being sent to wrong management company.

This time, we were forced to leave a message.

We even showed up in person to speak with someone, but the office was closed.

More frustration for these tenants who feel forgotten, but you can bet the 19 Troubleshooters will stay on this until they get the proper care they deserve.

We also spoke to the city of Euclid about this.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office says they’ve cited Euclid Apartments several times and are working on other solutions for tenants.