Euclid apartment tenants want old parking spaces back, say they’re forced to park nearly half a mile away

Published: Sep. 5, 2023 at 5:50 PM EDT
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EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - A parking problem has Euclid apartment tenants in an uproar.

Some spots are no longer free, forcing families to park up to half a mile away.

At night and in this heat, they say it’s a safety issue.

“I work late, I get off, I gotta walk a mile or more unless I get this reserved ticket on my car,” said Tenant Willie Scott.

Tenants at Normandy Towers off Lakeshore Boulevard are upset and frustrated with a problem plaguing them for the last month.

Parking spaces in the outdoor parking lot that used to be free are now reserved. They cost $30 dollars a month.

One of the other alternatives: find a space a half a mile down the road on Lakeshore Boulevard.

Repairs are being done to the regular parking deck, causing management to restrict some of the outdoor lot.

“You have a lot of elderly people on the property who are concerned about the parking,” said Tenant Ty Foreman. “They have health conditions. They can’t walk back and forth up and down the street and things like that.”

If you park at the Towers without a blue parking decal, you’ll pay the price.

“If you don’t get a blue sticker on your car, they’re going to tow it out of here,” said Scott.

“$175 dollars is a huge inconvenience to a household just asking someone to pay that to get their vehicle,” said Foreman. “You have to take off work, you have to catch an uber or ask for a ride or borrow someone’s vehicle trying to go up there and get your vehicle back. That’s quite the hassle.”

Even worse, some tenants say there’s now a waiting list just to get a blue decal.

So we reached out to Normandy Towers Management to see if they could confirm this and if they’re aware of tenants safety concerns.

They sent us this statement:

The mayor and law director say the city already donated space for Normandy Towers residents to park at.

Now, it’s up to Normandy to make arrangements for its tenants and offer better solutions.

Families hope it’s sooner, rather than later before this inconvenience becomes something much worse.

According to a paper given to tenants, the parking project is expected to take around three months.