Dozens of car tires slashed at the Park Lane Manor Apartments in Akron

Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 12:33 PM EDT
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AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - Over a dozen car tires were slashed and messed with at the Park Lane Manor Apartments on Clifford Avenue in Akron over the weekend. Now, neighbors are frustrated and asking for answers.

Christine Phelps and her fiancé said they are angry and annoyed. They had their car tires slashed on Monday morning and this isn’t the first time either.

“We had put a donut on there. We were planning on getting a new tire for it today. We come out here to take my daughter to school and see that our front passenger tire was now slashed,” says Phelps. “We realized that not only our car was hit, but almost this entire strip of parking lot was hit.”

Michelle Kiltau was also a victim to these cruel vandals.

“They targeted us for the sixth time. This is six times in a row now. Come on,” says Kiltau.

Kiltau and Phelps say that other neighbors had their windows broken and smashed. One even had a catalytic converter stolen.

“Why are you going to destroy other people’s stuff that you don’t have,” says Kiltau.

Luke Thomas says his mother-in-law and aunt had all four of their tires slashed. He says it is crimes like these that have him on edge.

“It seems like we are going to have to create a neighborhood watch together just to be able to do something. Because when we have our neighbors together that is when we are able to keep the problems out of here,” says Thomas.

19 News reached out to Akron Police and received the following statement:

“Regarding the criminal damage in Park Lane Manner over the last few days, we share the victims’ frustration with these senseless acts. Our officers and detectives will band together and work extremely hard at identifying the person or persons responsible for these incidents.”

However, people in Akron are demanding more. “It is a security issue and it needs to be handled,” says Thomas.

“They are tired of the lack of security around here. The lack of patrolling of police officer and everyone getting their tires slashed and windows smashed in,” says Phelps.

We reached out to the Park Lane Manor Apartments for a comment.

They told 19 News that they have been in contact with PSI Security and will have extra patrol and foot patrol in the area.

They also said their security cameras did not catch the people who are vandalizing cars.

Lastly, they are in contact with Ohio Edison Lights to fix the lights in the parking lot.