Browns fans go viral for beer toss onto ship on the Cuyahoga River

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 1:26 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Will Manzeo, and his two good friends have done it again.

They’ve gone viral for their love of the Browns. Manzeo, Andrew Butts, and Jason Kapcar came up with a chant years ago called, “Super Bowl, Super Browns”.

The chat went viral.

People said it during Browns games, at bars, and while tailgating.

”So remember Tim Couch game with the Baltimore Ravens. I think it was a Monday night football game and he got knocked out of the game. And he was crying and the fans were cheering him crying and so a low point in Cleveland Browns fanhood history. It’s one of those things you either cry or laugh,” said Kapcar.

That night, they coined the saying “Super Bowl, Super Browns”.

”It was meant as better times are to come I suppose,” said Kapcar.

On Sunday they went viral again after Butts tossed a beer over the Cuyahoga River to a guy on a ship.

”So there was a ship passing by and jokingly a friend of mine yelled hey you want a beer and the guy said yeah you can’t make that throw. Alright challenge accepted. If you’re okay with this like alright. So I launch it man and I put a seed right in his chest. He posted the actual picture of the actual beer and the real reason I even found him was because the beer company themselves sent that to me and they’re blowing up now because of the Cuyahoga catch,” said Butts.