Community Food Bank reopened after month-long shutdown

Published: Sep. 16, 2023 at 8:50 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A community is finally able to receive groceries again, after their food pantry had been shut down for almost a month.

Bigman’s Food Bank on Kinsman Road, has re-opened after many calls and cries from the community.

“It feels great to be back open, great to be back out into the community with the people that you know, helping people, being able to serve. This is what we’re here for,” Board Member Kehinde Ayodeji said.

She’s been a part of Bigman’s Food Bank, since she was a teen.

“I’m out here with my son every week, volunteering,” Ayodeji said.

Bigman’s Food Bank ReOpens
Bigman’s Food Bank ReOpens

But this tradition is generational.

Ayodeji’s mom– is the owner of Bigman’s Food Bank.

“Bigman is my twin brother… and he passed at 27. So, everything that I do is to honor him as my other half– I can’t do anything without him,” Owner Sauriika Lockett said.

The Food Bank was able to re-open after volunteers came together to clean and work on the building for it to meet the Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s standards.

Bigman’s Food Bank ReOpens
Bigman’s Food Bank ReOpens

An updated statement from them reads:

“As you know, the food pantry at Bigman’s Family Center was temporarily closed while they worked to address the cleanliness and pest control issues. The Food Bank is happy to announce that as of September 5, 2023, after a satisfactory site visit, they can reopen. The Food Bank is working with the agency to replenish their food supply and they had a delivery of food arrive on Friday, yesterday. It is our understanding that Bigman’s pantry will be open this Saturday.”

Bigman’s Food Bank ReOpens
Bigman’s Food Bank ReOpens

Bigman’s will continue to serve their community, for as long as they can.

“Everybody’s welcome, so when you just need that hug, when you just need that smile, that’s what we’re here for,” Lockett said.