Thief steals bulldozer from Cleveland demolition site (VIDEO)

Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 5:44 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Cleveland business owner is facing blow after blow this summer.

Jim Wallace has been tearing down the Empire Plow Co., an old historic building on East 65th Street, after it was destroyed in a storm.

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Now, Cleveland police are looking for the person responsible for stealing a $35,000 bulldozer from the demolition site.

“We have pictures of trucks coming here during the night. Stealing stuff out of the place,” said Wallace.

The crimes happened throughout the summer, according to Wallace, who said people stole various things from the North Broadway neighborhood property.

Wallace said the person who stole the bulldozer cut open the demolition site’s fence, and got out that way.

“The guy gets out of the skid steer. Walks across the road stays 10, 15 minutes. Comes back stands in the middle of the road. Talking on his phone. Then a white van drives back and forth four times that morning,” said Wallace.

Wallace reported the stolen bulldozer to the police, who confirmed officers are investigating.

The bulldozer has gone up in pricing since he last bought it. It will cost Wallace $60,000 to replace the stolen machinery.

“I’ve been able to leave the key in the machine go home and go to bed and come back the next day and everything is there. Only in Cleveland have I had this problem. Never had anything stolen in my life,” said Wallace.

Wallace said he does not plan on doing business in Cleveland again because of the issues he has run into.