Sara Goldenberg

Sara Goldenberg

Investigative Reporter

Cleveland, Ohio

An Ohio University graduate, Sara Goldenberg is excited to be back in Ohio. She joined the Cleveland19 News team in April 2015.

Sara grew up outside of Philadelphia and spent several years living out West.

Before Cleveland19, Sara was a reporter at KNXV in Phoenix, Arizona. A few months after arriving, she covered the heartbreaking story of the Yarnell 19-- a massive wildfire that killed 19 firefighters near Prescott. She will never forget telling their stories.

Sara's dedication to watchdog journalism also led to aggressive coverage of mismanagement and delayed care at the Phoenix VA. Her stories led eight U.S. Congress members to call for a new investigation into the hospital in early 2015. Several whistle blowers came forward to Sara to share their stories, alleging mishandling of suicides at the VA. The President visited the hospital just weeks later, announcing a new plan for reform.

While reporting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sara covered the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri. She was one of the first reporters on the scene just hours after it hit, and will always remember the incredible stories of resilience and recovery she reported on in the aftermath. Sara also won a Heartland Emmy award for her contribution to a news special on fighting teen bullying while working at KJRH.

Sara got her start at KJCT in Grand Junction, Colorado. She graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism where she majored in Broadcast News and studied abroad in southern France for a semester.

Sara lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband Jim and son Grayson.

She can't wait to bike and run on the Metro Parks trails and enjoy football games in the fall.

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