Karamu House, America’s oldest African-American theater in Cleveland, undergoing $14.5M renovation

The “place of joyful gathering” will continue the legacy of educating, training, inspiring and entertaining through the arts, just as those who came before them.

  How slavery still impacts Northeast Ohio, and what can be done to solve the lingering inequality

Throughout February, 19 News has embarked on a critical initiative, 400-Years: The Vestiges of Slavery In Cleveland.


  Young, gifted and black: Turning pain into power through art, philanthropy and entrepreneurship

Tonight at 6: A group of young people who chose to use their personal pain to make a positive impact on the community.

  Tonight at 6: Young, gifted and black

  Ministers reflect on the past, present and future of the black church

During the civil rights movement the black church was the epicenter. Where does that black church stand today when it comes to social activism?

  400 Years: Bridging the achievement gap in education

Most teachers across the country don't match the changing face of the student population.Diversity at the top in our classrooms has a big effect on how well African American students fare, from test scores to going to college.

  Education and struggle for equity highlighted nationally with focus on Shaker Heights Schools

A story from the Washington Post last fall sparked a big conversation about race and education. The article centers on education in Shaker Heights.

  ‘It took us 400 years to get to this point and it’s going to take a long time for us to make things right’

19 News special report examines unresolved trauma in the black community and a connection to slavery.

  19 News special report examines unresolved trauma in the black community

Is there a connection between slavery and today?

  Black History Month series digs into race, inequality and injustice

A team of 19 News reporters talked with several members of the Cleveland community and beyond for the series of reports from the unresolved trauma in the black community to policing to educating to what’s next for America and the black community.