Cleveland business owner worries she won’t meet qualifications for PPP loan forgiveness as employees draw unemployment

A local business owner says it’s going to be tough to bring her employees back, because of what they’re currently getting from unemployment.

  BBB and a local victim warning residents as reports about utility scams rise in the Cleveland area

If you get a call or a knock at the door from someone claiming to be your water or gas company, it’s more important now than ever to make sure they’re telling the truth.

  Despite nearly $25 million spent on upgrades to state’s unemployment system, many Ohioans still can’t get through to speak to a live agent on the phone

Officials say the massive 25 million dollar revamp of the system should enable more people to get the help they need.But, 19 News continues to receive calls from desperate people, trying to get through to talk to a live agent.

  ODJFS has approved 400,000 Ohioans for unemployment; 250,000 more claims pending

Ohioans who have successfully filed for unemployment are beginning to see bigger amounts deposited in their accounts.

  Working from home can save you almost $5,000 a year: 19 News Financial First Aid

Many Ohioans are working from home these days, and it turns out, it's saving you money! You may also be wondering, if you can write off some of your work expenses.

  Ohioans who didn’t qualify for unemployment can apply to the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program starting Friday

Starting on Friday, April 24, Ohioans who are unemployed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but didn’t qualify for regular unemployment benefits, can begin pre-registering for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).

  Should you buy or sell a home during the coronavirus pandemic?

Sales of new homes in the United States plunged 15.4% in March, according to the Associated Press. So is now a good or bad time to buy or sell a house?

  Ohioans wondering whether state’s reorganization of filing weekly claims will help expedite approval process

The unemployment office is reorganizing the way people file their weekly claims.

  Americans who rely on summer jobs may be out of luck as unemployment rises

Unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic is climbing week by week and millions of Americans have been left without jobs. Now people who depend on seasonal work for income or as a second job to help pay the bills may be in for a tough job search too.

  Job advice for class of 2020, graduating into worst economy since Great Depression

Things were looking up for college students about to head into the job market, until the coronavirus pandemic hit. But now the class of 2020 will graduate into the worst economy in generations since the Great Depression.

  Stimulus check for Cleveland man likely to be intercepted due to child support debt, even though he’s had custody of son for years

A Cleveland man likely won't see any of his economic stimulus check.

  Northeast Ohioans confused on what to do with stimulus checks issued to deceased family members

As so many people continue to wait on money from the government, others who who can’t even physically use the funds are receiving a stimulus check.

  Should you open an emergency credit card if you’re struggling to pay bills?

A lot of people are depending on their credit cards to get through tough times. So how do you use them wisely, and is it a good idea to open an emergency credit card to pay your bills?

  Working from home? How to keep your power bill from rising

Your power bill could be much larger this month, especially if you’re working from home, along with your spouse or roommate and kids.

  How the CARES Act affects your retirement savings

Millions of Americans are worried about their retirement savings now that we are in a recession.We talked to a financial coach to find out how the CARES Act affects what you can do with your retirement savings.

  Financial First Aid: Your COVID-19 resource guide for Northeast Ohio

We have compiled a list of resources available to Ohioans who need assistance applying for unemployment benefits, getting food, or even paying bills.

  Young Americans in the workforce may be disproportionately affected by pandemic layoffs

Young people 18 to 34 years old are disproportionately losing their jobs as millions of Americans grapple with unemployment from the coronavirus crisis. Financial First Aid takes a look at why that is and how you can get ahead if you're one of them.

How should you spend your federal stimulus check from the coronavirus pandemic?

How should you spend your federal stimulus check?It all depends on how your finances are doing.U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is assuring Americans that direct payments are on the way.

  Financial First Aid: Online classes offer chance to learn new skills for free

Americans across the country are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, or trying to learn a new skill for free. Many universities have opened up some of their online courses for free.

  Who can legally take your stimulus check money?

Attorney General Dave Yost posted a video to Facebook, assuring people that they are protected from having to fork over their stimulus checks to pay off old debt.

  Financial First Aid: Car insurance companies paying consumers back during pandemic

Millions of Americans are working from home, or not working at all, during the coronavirus pandemic. And that means people are driving much less. Because of that, some auto insurance companies are actually giving money back to their customers.

  Financial First Aid: How can you prepare for a recession?

Experts say now is the time to get your finances in order.Three experts are weighing in to 19 News to help you prepare for a recession.

  New state bill would halt evictions, foreclosures during COVID-19 pandemic

Several state lawmakers are calling for a pause to evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic.

  Are new call takers at Ohio’s unemployment offices proving effective?

In the last few weeks, the state has gone from having a couple hundred employees answering the phones, to nearly a thousand.

  How to save and budget during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a volatile economy and job uncertainty across the nation.

  Help is on the way for Uber, Lyft drivers and other gig workers as economy sputters

Millions of Uber and Lyft drivers and other workers in the gig economy are suffering.

  Several Ohioans struggling after being denied unemployment benefits because they don’t meet minimum income requirements

As we continue to hear about issues reaching someone in the unemployment office, some of those who have filed claims say they still can’t get benefits.

  Gov. DeWine announces new jobs website lists nearly 12,000 open positions

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced Thursday they have created a new website listing current open jobs in Ohio.

Having a hard time affording transportation right now? Help is out there

19 New is taking a look at help available for you when it comes to transportation needs—whether you have your own car or rely on public transportation.

  How to use your credit cards wisely during financial strain from coronavirus crisis

Using credit cards come with risks. You can rack up high-interest debt and hurt your finances if you don't use them carefully.

Ohioans grapple with financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic

19 News would like to help you navigate through these uncertain times.