Editorials With Erik Schrader

  Tornado coverage will always be more important than regular programming (editorial)

If the next tornado warning is in your neck of the woods, just know we’ll be with you.

Aniya’s voice is louder than ever, and she’s telling us more battered kids are at risk (editorial)

They're out there, and they need our help.

  In boost to local coverage, CW 43 adds Cleveland State basketball to lineup (editorial)

It’s been a busy year at WOIO and WUAB, and it’s been an exciting one, too.

  Death of George H.W. Bush has united America. Let’s keep it that way (editorial)

As the nation buries a president this week, it’s interesting to think about George Herbert Walker Bush.

  Lance Mason downfall shows second chances should be reserved for the worthy (editorial)

A lot of tough questions are swirling in the wake of the murder of Aisha Fraser. as former judge Lance Mason prepares to face charges in the stabbing.

  Bloated Cleveland City Council needs to downsize (editorial)

When it comes to the Cleveland City Council, how many is too many?

  114 million reasons to be hopeful, but political harmony is a darkening dream (editorial)

And just like that, another election is over.

  Summit County Prosecutor vehemently opposes Issue 1 (guest editorial)

I’m Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh, and I urge you to vote no on Issue 1.

  Your Issue 1 vote stands to dramatically impact Ohio’s drug epidemic—cast it (editorial)

Issue 1 could usher in positive reform, or carry unexpected consequences.

  With winning era on the line, true grit Tribe is down but not out (editorial)

Quietly, and way too early, the Cleveland Indians’ season came to end, and with it, I heard and read a little grumbling.

  Change hearts and minds with facts, votes and real discussion (editorial)

It’s been a polarizing few weeks, as Americans find themselves passionately invested in the Kavanaugh hearings.

  Cleveland’s head-scratching traffic seizures require attention, solutions (editorial)

One of Cleveland’s fantastic features, believe it or not, usually is the traffic situation. It might not feel like it most days, but trust me, plenty of cities have much worse issues than the ones we generally face.

  Lights, camera...filter? Why editing school photos skews memorable moments (editorial)

School is back in session, and that means it’s also time for class pictures.

  1 in 4 women have fallen prey to domestic violence, here’s how to spot the signs (guest editorial)

Hi, my name is Laura Cowan, a community activist and a domestic violence advocate.

  Love it or hate it, Nike's Colin Kaepernick controversy could prove positive for both sides of the debate (editorial)

Before you even go to your keyboards to tell me I'm taking sides, I want to be clear: I'm not taking a position on the Nike debate.

  With students dogged by summer heat, is it time Ohio schools consider a post-Labor Day start? (editorial)

Maybe holding off school until September is a pretty hot idea.

Media is here to inform, engage and counter the real fake news (editorial)

My editorial last week about the media and my belief we aren't the enemy of the people got a lot of response, most of it not very happy.

  Media is not the government's friend, but it's not the enemy either (editorial)

 "We need government and we need media. Journalists aren't supposed to be the government's friend, but that doesn't in any way make them the enemy." -Me watching Me on TV

Bridgestone Invitational's exit from Akron slices deep for PGA golfers and fans alike (editorial)

One of the best weeks on the calendar for Northeast Ohio is bittersweet this year.

  Downtown delivery trucks, rush hour jams and illegal parking riling commuters (editorial)

For a city of its size, Cleveland really has a very good traffic situation, but as with every place, there still can be an issue or two.

Cleveland 19 ushering in diverse mix of CW hit shows (editorial)

It's all happening very fast, so I want to make sure everyone knows. Our own CLE43 is now becoming the CW affiliate in Cleveland.

  LeBron fueled Cleveland's comeback, and Cleveland cemented LeBron's legacy (editorial)

As LeBron says goodbye to Cleveland for the second time, it's great to see things really have changed over eight years.

Cleveland's Komen Race for the Cure sprinting toward cancer-free world (editorial)

The Cleveland 25th Anniversary Race for the Cure is August 18 at a new location – Edgewater Park.  Along with the 5K or 1-mile run or walk, festivities...

Freedom of the Press isn't about party, it's about patriotism (editorial)

These days it seems harder and harder to find political issues that many conservatives and liberals can find common ground on, but to me, one of the most important is Freedom of the Press.

#BroadcastGood: Fighting the dark with news that unites Northeast Ohio (editorial)

As someone who's been part of broadcast news for almost 30 years, I can tell you a battle goes on each day: the light versus the dark.

Roseanne Barr saga reveals limits of free speech in America (editorial)

So many things to unpack after the Roseanne Barr saga.

2018 Cleveland Marathon symbolizes winning spirit of our underdog city (editorial)

There was drama, there were inspirational moments, there was Cleveland.

Whether LeBron stays or goes, he will always be the King of Cleveland (editorial)

As I stand here, the Cavaliers find themselves in a hole in their Eastern Conference Final match-up with the Boston Celtics.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History's flourishing exploration deserves our tax dollars (editorial)

A Columbus television station recently took a "dig" at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. But the bone they had to pick wasn't with the dinosaurs on display, it was with the $2.5 million in state tax dollars lawmakers recently set aside from the capital budget to renovate and expand the 98-year-old museum. The first line of the NBC 4 (WCMH) story read: "Millions of central Ohio state tax dollars are going to a museum some Franklin County residents may never set ...

New Cleveland Browns stadium could prove pivotal to downtown revitalization (editorial)

As Cleveland continues to revitalize downtown, a new player may suddenly be on the field.

Vote on Ohio's Issue 1 and shape the state's congressional electoral process (Guest Editorial)

My name is Susan Murnane and I am co-president of the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland.

We're not Facebook's customers, we're the product — like it, or leave it (Editorial)

Whoever once said, "The best things in life are free" never tried to score tickets to a Cavs playoff game, enjoy a great meal in Cleveland's Warehouse District, or see a show like "Hamilton" at Playhouse Square.

Cleveland Marathon reminds us of our duty to focus on impactful local news (Editorial)

Forty years ago, in 1978, the Cleveland Marathon first thundered down the roads of our city. Now in about a month, the legendary event will run for the 41st time.

  Cleveland 19 viewers deliver insights, stir debate over hot-button issues – what’s your take? (Editorial)

A couple recent Editorials have gotten a lot of response from viewers.

Social media propaganda deepens divisions -- let's unite around the facts instead (Editorial)

This editorial isn't about guns. It's not about taking a side. It's not about that topic at all.

Euclid girl's death exposes broken system, detached community -- we must do better (Editorial)

"Mommy hurts me." That's what little Aniya Day-Garrett told people over and over again.

Supreme Court's call to allow porn at libraries puts children at risk (Editorial)

Children's, sci-fi, fiction and nonfiction are all sections you'll find at the library. But what you won't find on these shelves, you can find on their computers--porn.

Stopping gun violence starts with wherewithal, wisdom (Guest Editorial)

Guns do not kill people, People kill people with guns. I am unclear how this very important message keeps getting lost in all the shouting.

Cleveland Public Power in need of serious wake-up call after costly missteps (Editorial)

We all know that getting plenty of sleep is a prescription for good health. But sleeping on the job? That could get you fired.

What is the fix for US mass killings? I don’t have an answer, but as a society we need to do something -- now (Editorial)

OK, what's it going to take? What's it going to take to lead to a meaningful conversation and action concerning mass killings?

Alianna DeFreeze murder has sparked Ohio legislation that could prevent future tragedies (Editorial)

There is a bill making its way through the Ohio state legislature that may have the support it finally needs to proceed, after a guilty verdict in a highly publicized murder case.