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  Embattled Cleveland dance teacher charged in sexual abuse case claims he’s innocent

Terence Greene faces dozens of sexual abuse charges from former students.19 Investigates got to ask him questions in person for the first time Wednesday before his court appearance.

  More victims of alleged Ponzi scheme come forward to say they were betrayed by family friend

  Extra $300 unemployment checks beginning to appear in some claimants’ bank accounts

  Stark County employees ask Ohio Supreme Court to reconsider ruling on drug testing privacy case

  Company says dispute between 2 cities is why flooding continues at businesses near Cleveland/Garfield Heights border

  ‘Governor, unlock the doors now!’ Families of nursing home residents to bring urgent plea to state capitol Saturday

  How to protect yourself from financial fraud after dozens of victims lose money in alleged Ponzi scheme

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  Ohio woman loses thousands of dollars in ‘car wrap’ scam

  Westlake financial adviser and associates accused of running Ponzi scheme, stealing millions

Akron bar is first to go before Ohio’s Liquor Control Commission after multiple Covid-19 mandate violations issued

  Pandemic changes how some sheriff departments track down missing sex offenders

  Fraudulent claims made within Ohio’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance system cause delays in payments; 19 News helps claimants straighten out pending claims

  Former CMSD, Tri-C dance teacher indicted on 74 felony counts including rape, kidnapping

  19 Investigates: Nearly 300 registered sex offenders in Ohio missing or wanted by police

19 Investigates found the number of registered sex offenders in Ohio missing or wanted by police has nearly doubled in the last 16 months.

  Ohio lawmakers consider new legislation after 19 News investigation into your privacy rights during drug screenings at work

Representative Sweeney and Senator Nickie Antonio are from the same district, representing a portion of Cuyahoga County.Both, began to take action the day 19 Investigates told them about a supreme court’s decision.

  New drop-in center for human trafficking survivors to open on Cleveland’s East Side

The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center believes a new drop-in center for human trafficking survivors will break barriers that keep them from reaching out for help.

  Questions over whether a company is responsible for protecting its home healthcare workers after local respiratory therapist is attacked, beaten by a patient

A local respiratory therapist came to 19 News, wanting to warn others or seek protection for home healthcare workers still in the business.

19 Investigates home health care industry regulations after respiratory therapist is brutally attacked by a patient

  Operation Safety Net aims to rescue 200 missing Northeast Ohio children

  Northeast Ohio dance instructor speaks out against colleague accused of sexually assaulting former students

  Ohio Supreme Court issues ruling against woman suing former employer over privacy issues during drug tests; lawmakers consider changes to state law to better protect employees

  4 police departments investigating former Northeast Ohio dance instructor for sexually assaulting students and sending nude photos to underage girls

  Ohio lawmakers convicted of corruption would have to pay up under new state bill

  Meth, spiked drugs and overdoses stir concern among Ohio authorities confronted with new battles brought on by pandemic

Undercover buys and working with informants face-to-face were put on hold. At the same time, drug prices shot through the roof.

  Refund offers could be a scam; Garfield Heights victim reports loss of $57,000

Sheryl Harris with the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs says her office has seen refund scam reports skyrocket in the last few months.

  Seniors say laundry room at HUD funded apartment complex has been out of service since November

A call to action as senior citizens say their HUD-funded apartment building has not had a working laundry room since November of last year.

  Be on the lookout for these charity scams during the pandemic, Ohio AG warns

19 Investigates spoke one-on-one with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost over Zoom. He wants you to know the red flags of a bad charity.

Records show Goodyear Tire donates most to GOP as President Trump calls for boycott

Goodyear Tire, like a lot of large companies, donates some big bucks to political candidates and parties.

Dance teacher accused of sexually abusing students released from jail on reduced bond

A judge lowered Terence Greene's bond from $500,000 to $100,000 despite investigators calling him a "flight risk."

  New twist in novel ‘sheriff’s department scam’ tricks Cuyahoga County residents into sending impersonators money

There’s a new twist on a con we’ve warned you about before.

  New research confirms domestic violence cases spiked during pandemic

The pandemic led to a nearly 7.5 percent increase in calls for service during March, April and May, according to research just presented to the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice.

  Lakewood mail delays to blame for receiving school forms past due dates, parents say

Rachel Cruz said a letter from Lakewood schools took nine days to get from the central office to her house, less than two miles away.

  Dance teacher accused of sexual assault arrested out of state back in Cleveland; new lawsuit planned against Cuyahoga Community College

It took 11 days to get the dance teacher into custody after Cleveland Police issued an arrest warrant for him.

  Mail processing equipment dismantled behind Cleveland’s main post office, will the timing of this impact the election and mail-in votes?

Congressman Tim Ryan feels it's an effort by the President to create chaos during the election.

  An Elyria woman leads a protest saying a township restaurant discriminated against her and her young son

Restaurant owner says they are not racist.

  Elderly care providers call on Congress to act now for urgently needed coronavirus aid

Their concerns include lack of PPE, its cost and maintaining their stockpile, access to testing and staffing shortages.They are calling on more support through federal funding.

  Northeast Ohio private schools requiring parents, students to sign new Covid-19 form before returning to classroom

Parents who’ve already made a tough decision to send their kids back to school this fall are now faced with another choice.

Dance teacher extradited to Ohio, high bond requested in student sex abuse case

Terence Greene, 54, of Garfield Heights, was booked into the Cuyahoga County Jail on charges of sexual battery and contempt of court.

  New details on what’s keeping Beachwood police officer on paid administrative leave more than a year after shooting an alleged shoplifter

Imagine knowing you may be in trouble at work, but having to wait more than a year to find out for sure.

  Human trafficking survivors at high risk during the pandemic

Calls to a 24-hour hotline for human trafficking survivors at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center are down 50-percent for the first half of 2020 after years of climbing.

  Federal officials send nursing homes antigen tests, but accuracy questioned after Gov. DeWine false positive

19 Investigates found 50 nursing homes, including 11 in northeast Ohio have received or will be receiving these tests in the next few weeks, according to data from HHS.

  What will Ohio safety drills look like when students return to in-school learning?

After receiving our questions on how to keep students safe, the Fire Marshal’s office put out guidance on how to carry out a drill, recognizing that it “may not be possible to maintain social distancing during all portions of a safety drill.”

  Man who witnessed police shooting outside Beachwood mall says officer put his family in danger

A local father who witnessed an officer-involved shooting at Beachwood Place is speaking out after seeing video of the incident for the first time.

  Beachwood officer’s attorney defends shooting of shoplifting suspect in mall parking lot

“I think what the video shows is an important part of the investigation, but it doesn’t show the entire investigation. It doesn’t show what Officer Rogers saw," said attorney Kimberly Kendall Corral.

  Cuyahoga County health commissioner does not address blackface photo at county briefing

The Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner and County Executive held a virtual media briefing like they do every week, with the latest updates on coronavirus in the county.

  Nursing home advocates demand Gov. Mike DeWine take more action during pandemic

Some nursing home advocates want a plan to let family members inside of facilities during the pandemic to check on their loved ones. They believe residents are at risk more and more every day.

  North Ridgeville Schools press on with partially in-person plan for the upcoming school year

As several schools make the move to begin the school year online, administrators in North Ridgeville are pressing forward with a partially in-person plan.

  Photo surfaces of Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner in blackface

19 Investigates Exclusive: The photo comes out as the county calls for racism to be recognized as a public health crisis.

  Former Cleveland dance teacher accused of sexual abuse by multiple students arrested

Terence Greene was arrested in Brighton, New York, just outside of Rochester early Monday, according to U.S. Marshals.

  Ohio bills addressing campaign finance reform gain support amid $60 million bribery scheme

State lawmakers are still reeling over the accusations against Ohio's speaker of the house. One says it gives new urgency to the reforms that need to be made.

  Former students sue CMSD, accuse school district of failing to investigate sex abuse claims

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Cleveland on Friday, comes after a 19 News investigation revealed decades of sexual assault allegations against Terence Greene, who taught dance at Cleveland School of the Arts.

  Domestic violence cases up during pandemic, shelters in Ohio say they’re open to help

Beckman runs a 22-bed, non-profit emergency shelter.Their doors stayed open even during the lockdown, when some places shutdown.

  Council president calls Beachwood Place police shooting ‘horrible,’ while community questions why it took 13 months to release video

“How did this happen and they kept it quiet for 13 months?” asked activist Mallory McMaster.

  New video shows moment officer shot shoplifting suspect as he fled from Beachwood Place mall

19 Investigates has learned that the officer who shot the suspect is still on paid leave more than a year after the shooting.

  Week after nursing home visits begin, some families face cancellations due to coronavirus

Nursing home visits are definitely not back to normal, but they are allowed outside for a limited amount of time right now.

Attorney for accusers in school sex abuse case planning to sue CMSD, former dance teacher

19 News investigators have confirmed a local attorney is planning to file a federal lawsuit against the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and a former dance teacher who is under criminal investigation.

  Safety expert voices concerns over school policies following sex crimes investigation into teacher

Since we broke the story last Thursday, the haunting question keeps coming up: how does anyone, dogged by so many allegations, continue to work with kids?

  ’The most disturbing part is that it’s still happening’: Former CMSD, Tri-C dance teacher accused of sexually abusing students over last two decades

19 Investigates first reported this story Thursday at 6 p.m. An arrest warrant has been issued for Terence Greene, 54, of Garfield Heights.

  Arrest warrant issued for well-known Cleveland dance teacher accused of sexual abuse by multiple students

19 Investigates first reported this story Thursday at 6 p.m. The warrant states a former student told police Greene, 54, preformed oral sex on him in a dressing room at the Cleveland School of the Arts in 2008.

  ’I didn’t realize what kind of monster I was dealing with’: 2 former Solon student teachers share stories of inappropriate behavior from former band director

An outpouring of emotion from two women who describe sexual abuse by a former Solon high school band director. 19 News first reported these allegations back in June, but on Tuesday some of the victims shared their stories for the first time.

  Federal government to send hundreds of Covid-19 tests to every nursing home

The federal government just announced it is ramping up Covid-19 testing in nursing homes, sending about 400 tests to each facility nationwide with rapid results that could come back as fast as 15 minutes.

  Cleveland Community Police Commission calls for federal civil rights investigation into excessive force complaints from May protests

The Cleveland Police Department was condemned again for its response to the recent protests.

  Ohio moves forward on plan to reopen some prisons for visitation, despite a rise in coronavirus cases statewide

The state says it is beginning by opening the prisons in counties where COVID cases are the lowest.

  How have some nursing homes remained Covid-free like this one in Wayne County, Ohio?

About 70 percent of Covid-19 deaths in Ohio are nursing home residents.But some facilities haven't had a single case.

  Cleveland paramedic thankful city is recognizing PTSD on the job

Mental health help is now on the way for Cleveland paramedics, EMT's and dispatchers when they need it.

  Oversight committee tells federal judge that Cleveland is too soft on police officers found guilty of misconduct

Cleveland Police are under fire, after they were accused of going too soft on officers who were accused of serious policy violations.

  Cleveland EMS crews win PTSD coverage, $3.7M in back pay after long battle with city

Cleveland EMS may be among the first EMS agencies in the nation to have an outlined policy regarding mental health language regarding PTSD in their contract with the city.

  Ohio families count down the days until they can visit loved ones at nursing homes again

The ban on visitations have been tough on families over the last few months.

  BBB issues warning after Cleveland man ensnared in cross-country moving scheme

A man relocating his family from Cleveland to Alabama found himself ensnared in a moving scam in the fall of 2019.

  East Cleveland man scammed during pandemic by someone posing as a bishop at his church

An East Cleveland man says he was scammed out of $1,000 by someone posing as a leader at his church.

  19 Investigates: Hear EMS captain call for help as downtown Cleveland protest turned violent (radio traffic)

19 Investigates found it was a close call for one EMS crew trying to help a patient.

  ‘Civil rights’ organization creating ‘mask exemption cards’ responds to accusations of fraud after 19 News investigation

Cleveland officials say organization is promoting a fake "mask exemption card."

  Cleveland Browns player fights for second chance for juveniles with life sentences

Hubbard is throwing his support behind Ohio Senate Bill 256. The bill would abolish the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for kids and give juveniles serving long sentences in adult prison a chance at getting out early.

  19 Investigates: How will Ohio pay for extended unemployment benefits?

19 News first alerted you about the benefits extension Monday.

  19 Investigates: Can anyone be exempt from wearing a mask in places where it’s mandated?

As scammers continue to take advantage of people during the pandemic, members of the Cuyahoga County Scam Squad are warning there is nothing you can buy or carry to exempt you from the mask mandate we’re all being told to follow right now in Cleveland.

  ‘It’s just a tool to have. If we need it, we’ve got it': Parma police say mine resistant truck will help in extreme situations

19 Investigates discovered that Ohio departments have actually been getting significantly less equipment from the military in recent years, as the militarization of police continues to be a citizen concern.

  American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio chapter on why they’re pushing for in-person learning this fall

“I think the best thing we can do is try to limit the number of children that each child is exposed to,” said Dr. Chris Peltier, president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics Ohio Chapter.

  Ohio nursing home advocate appointed to national coronavirus commission

Families were cut off from seeing their loved ones for months as the virus spread in nursing homes and nearly 2,000 residents died.

  Opioid epidemic continues in midst of pandemic, fentanyl overdoses climb in Ohio

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office recently reported there have been 235 deadly drug overdoses so far in 2020, and at least 66 fatal heroin, fentanyl and cocaine overdoses in May alone.

  Former Sterilite employee says person watched during urine drug test to ensure there was no ‘cheating’

Donna Lunsford, a 20-year veteran of the company, says she thought it was another routine drug screening, until they made her practically disrobe and watched as she used the bathroom

  Families of Ohio nursing home residents plead to visit as Covid-19 cases rise by more than 500 in a week

1,949 nursing homes residents have died of Covid-19, according to the latest numbers from the Ohio Department of Health.