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  What will Ohio safety drills look like when students return to in-school learning?

  Man who witnessed police shooting outside Beachwood mall says officer put his family in danger

  Beachwood officer’s attorney defends shooting of shoplifting suspect in mall parking lot

  Cuyahoga County health commissioner does not address blackface photo at county briefing

  Nursing home advocates demand Gov. Mike DeWine take more action during pandemic

  North Ridgeville Schools press on with partially in-person plan for the upcoming school year

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  Photo surfaces of Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner in blackface

  Former Cleveland dance teacher accused of sexual abuse by multiple students arrested

  Ohio bills addressing campaign finance reform gain support amid $60 million bribery scheme

  Former students sue CMSD, accuse school district of failing to investigate sex abuse claims

  Domestic violence cases up during pandemic, shelters in Ohio say they’re open to help

  Council president calls Beachwood Place police shooting ‘horrible,’ while community questions why it took 13 months to release video

  New video shows moment officer shot shoplifting suspect as he fled from Beachwood Place mall

19 Investigates has learned that the officer who shot the suspect is still on paid leave more than a year after the shooting.

  Week after nursing home visits begin, some families face cancellations due to coronavirus

Nursing home visits are definitely not back to normal, but they are allowed outside for a limited amount of time right now.

Attorney for accusers in school sex abuse case planning to sue CMSD, former dance teacher

19 News investigators have confirmed a local attorney is planning to file a federal lawsuit against the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and a former dance teacher who is under criminal investigation.

  Safety expert voices concerns over school policies following sex crimes investigation into teacher

Since we broke the story last Thursday, the haunting question keeps coming up: how does anyone, dogged by so many allegations, continue to work with kids?

  ’The most disturbing part is that it’s still happening’: Former CMSD, Tri-C dance teacher accused of sexually abusing students over last two decades

  Arrest warrant issued for well-known Cleveland dance teacher accused of sexual abuse by multiple students

  ’I didn’t realize what kind of monster I was dealing with’: 2 former Solon student teachers share stories of inappropriate behavior from former band director

  Federal government to send hundreds of Covid-19 tests to every nursing home

  Cleveland Community Police Commission calls for federal civil rights investigation into excessive force complaints from May protests

  Ohio moves forward on plan to reopen some prisons for visitation, despite a rise in coronavirus cases statewide

  How have some nursing homes remained Covid-free like this one in Wayne County, Ohio?

About 70 percent of Covid-19 deaths in Ohio are nursing home residents.But some facilities haven't had a single case.

  Cleveland paramedic thankful city is recognizing PTSD on the job

Mental health help is now on the way for Cleveland paramedics, EMT's and dispatchers when they need it.

  Oversight committee tells federal judge that Cleveland is too soft on police officers found guilty of misconduct

Cleveland Police are under fire, after they were accused of going too soft on officers who were accused of serious policy violations.

  Cleveland EMS crews win PTSD coverage, $3.7M in back pay after long battle with city

Cleveland EMS may be among the first EMS agencies in the nation to have an outlined policy regarding mental health language regarding PTSD in their contract with the city.

  Ohio families count down the days until they can visit loved ones at nursing homes again

The ban on visitations have been tough on families over the last few months.

  BBB issues warning after Cleveland man ensnared in cross-country moving scheme

A man relocating his family from Cleveland to Alabama found himself ensnared in a moving scam in the fall of 2019.

  East Cleveland man scammed during pandemic by someone posing as a bishop at his church

An East Cleveland man says he was scammed out of $1,000 by someone posing as a leader at his church.

  19 Investigates: Hear EMS captain call for help as downtown Cleveland protest turned violent (radio traffic)

19 Investigates found it was a close call for one EMS crew trying to help a patient.

  ‘Civil rights’ organization creating ‘mask exemption cards’ responds to accusations of fraud after 19 News investigation

Cleveland officials say organization is promoting a fake "mask exemption card."

  Cleveland Browns player fights for second chance for juveniles with life sentences

Hubbard is throwing his support behind Ohio Senate Bill 256. The bill would abolish the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for kids and give juveniles serving long sentences in adult prison a chance at getting out early.

  19 Investigates: How will Ohio pay for extended unemployment benefits?

19 News first alerted you about the benefits extension Monday.

  19 Investigates: Can anyone be exempt from wearing a mask in places where it’s mandated?

As scammers continue to take advantage of people during the pandemic, members of the Cuyahoga County Scam Squad are warning there is nothing you can buy or carry to exempt you from the mask mandate we’re all being told to follow right now in Cleveland.

  ‘It’s just a tool to have. If we need it, we’ve got it': Parma police say mine resistant truck will help in extreme situations

19 Investigates discovered that Ohio departments have actually been getting significantly less equipment from the military in recent years, as the militarization of police continues to be a citizen concern.

  American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio chapter on why they’re pushing for in-person learning this fall

“I think the best thing we can do is try to limit the number of children that each child is exposed to,” said Dr. Chris Peltier, president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics Ohio Chapter.

  Ohio nursing home advocate appointed to national coronavirus commission

Families were cut off from seeing their loved ones for months as the virus spread in nursing homes and nearly 2,000 residents died.

  Opioid epidemic continues in midst of pandemic, fentanyl overdoses climb in Ohio

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office recently reported there have been 235 deadly drug overdoses so far in 2020, and at least 66 fatal heroin, fentanyl and cocaine overdoses in May alone.

  Former Sterilite employee says person watched during urine drug test to ensure there was no ‘cheating’

Donna Lunsford, a 20-year veteran of the company, says she thought it was another routine drug screening, until they made her practically disrobe and watched as she used the bathroom

  Families of Ohio nursing home residents plead to visit as Covid-19 cases rise by more than 500 in a week

1,949 nursing homes residents have died of Covid-19, according to the latest numbers from the Ohio Department of Health.

  Hundreds of complaints called in on businesses during pandemic, but no fines issued in Ohio

Restaurants and bars made up one third of the calls to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health so far in June.

  Nearly 2,000 Ohio nursing home residents have died from Covid-19

Nursing home deaths continue to account for about 70 percent of all Covid-19 deaths in Ohio.

  Advocate starts petition to lift nursing home visitor ban in Ohio

Steve Piskor said our elderly are dying alone and it's time for them to see their families.

  Numbers from Ohio’s AG Office show more Ohioans are reporting losing money in a romance scam during the pandemic than this time last year

Some locals say they are broke after looking for love during the pandemic.

  Ohio lawmakers unveil plan for major police reforms

Lawmakers are calling for a stop to racial profiling and a statewide database that tracks police employment history.

  Predators target children online at alarming rates during pandemic

Last year Ohio ICAC received just over 1,800 cyber tips from March through May, and this year in that time more than 3,200 tips have come in.

  Ohio National Guard ramps up testing at nursing homes as death toll continues to swell

130 Ohio National Guard members, including medical professionals, are working across the state to check for outbreaks of COVID-19 in nursing homes.

  Lawmakers could waive claimants’ obligation to give back ‘overpayments’ from unemployment systems

We first told you when people began receiving notices that their approval for benefits was appealed and reversed.

  23 police departments in Cuyahoga County lack state certification of policing policies

A report by the Ohio Collaborative Police Advisory Board shows that 23 police departments in Cuyahoga County have policies that are not certified by the state.

  Ohioans out of work for a 2nd time this year frustrated as they try to re-enter the unemployment system

Several Ohioans are frustrated, trying to re-enter the unemployment system they thought they wouldn’t need any more this year.

  DEA dismantles narcotics ring operating in Ohio and West Virginia

Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration busted up a major drug operation peddling dangerous substances from Cleveland, thru Ohio and into West Virginia.

  What lessons can be learned after Ohio nursing homes battered by coronavirus pandemic?

Nursing homes make up about 70 percent of deaths from the virus in Ohio.

  Cleveland homicide rate up 55% compared to last year

At least 16 homicides have been reported in the last 17 days, according to records.

  Cleveland bail worker says he was unfairly targeted and arrested by police over curfew violation

A downtown worker says he was arrested for violating curfew, and he claims police treated him differently than others even though he had an essential reason for being out.

  Federal charges filed against 2 Pennsylvania men; task force will continue to investigate civil unrest in Cleveland

Federal and local law enforcement officials announced charges for two individuals arrested following last weekend’s destructive demonstrations in Downtown Cleveland.

  New federal data: Nationwide nursing home deaths from COVID-19 hit almost 32,000

There will be stricter federal fines for infection control violations that lead to issues like COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes.

  Cleveland police insider writes anonymous letter alleging gross incompetence for how department handled protest

An explosive letter written by an insider at the Cleveland Police Department alleges gross incompetence and dereliction of duty in the handling of Saturday’s protest.

  Cleveland City Council plans Stand in Solidarity rally in city’s Hough Neighborhood

Cleveland City Council members declared racism a public health crisis, and now they are joining others in a show of solidarity at a march and rally Thursday, June 4.

  19 Investigates: A few protesters out of 100 may have used fake, out-of-state addresses

19 Investigates has learned a few of those arrests may be from out of state and the pandemic may have played a part in checking those addresses out.

  Where were Cleveland’s mayor and police chief during the protests?

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams were out of sight while peaceful protests turned violent on Saturday.

  Cleveland leaders still say out-of-state protesters caused violence despite opposing evidence

Cleveland Police said Monday night, they launched an investigation to see where the protesters are really from.

  Downtown shutdown; curfew leads to confusion

The confusion over Cleveland’s curfew has left some people stranded and others feeling trapped.

  Arrested protesters in Cleveland mostly local, not from outside of Ohio

The Cleveland police chief said over the weekend most protesters were from out of state.

  Rally in downtown Cleveland to support Ohio’s incarcerated during COVID-19 crisis

A crowd gathered in downtown Cleveland Friday to support Ohio’s incarcerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Nearly 1,400 pandemic-related complaints called in on Cuyahoga County businesses

Locally owned restaurants, salons, gyms and smoke shops and even chain stores in Cuyahoga County have had complaints called in on them.

  Covid-19 reaches Ohio juvenile detention centers, advocates call for mass testing in Cleveland

Efforts were made and precautions taken, but it wasn’t enough to stop the coronavirus from reaching Ohio’s juvenile detention facilities, including the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.

  Ohio woman sees fraudulent charges on account days after her unemployment application data may have been exposed

Bernadette Nolen says she’s locked out of her Netspend account, after someone made $3000 dollars in fraudulent charges Saturday.

  Reverend still looking for answers after arrest in daughter’s 2018 Slavic Village murder

Jasmine, a 31-year-old mother of three, was beaten to death in 2018. Police just made an arrest in her case.

  Nursing home advocates speak out against state bills that would allow legal immunity during pandemic

Nursing home advocates said the bills would strip away accountability when their loved ones need it the most.

  Apartment building without hot water for weeks during COVID-19 crisis

A Cleveland Heights apartment building has been without hot water which has made life difficult for the residents during the pandemic.

  Death toll from COVID-19 in Ohio nursing homes reaches more than 1,200

1,247 nursing home residents have died from COVID-19.

  Wrong video conference help line routes to scammers

Incorrect tech support numbers posted on the internet lead to scammers trying to trick consumers into giving up their credit card information.

  UPDATE: ‘A victory for domestic violence survivors across Ohio’: Aisha’s Law moves forward after Ohio House approval

The bipartisan bill was named after Aisha Fraser, a former Shaker Heights school teacher who was brutally murdered by her ex-husband following years of domestic abuse.

  Push for mass testing at Ohio prisons as COVID-19 continues to surge

There has been no stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Ohio’s prisons.

  Crackdown on bars and restaurants not following new safety protocols

A warning today from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to bars and restaurants not following new safety protocols.

  Nearly 700 Ohio nursing home residents died in past four weeks from COVID-19

19 Investigates spoke to a nursing home advocate who said the latest numbers are alarming, even if it's a small number in relation to cases.

  Dozens of nursing homes cited for infection-related deficiencies early this year now have COVID-19 cases

An analysis of state nursing home inspections and records of COVID-19 infections associated with nursing homes by the Washington Post reveals dozens of facilities had infection-related violations in the months before coronavirus infections.

  Ohio state bill would shield businesses, health care providers from COVID-19-related lawsuits

Opponents say the bill would take away accountability.

  Concerns grow following attacks on corrections officers at Cuyahoga County Jail

Concern is growing after two corrections officers at the Cuyahoga County Jail were attacked by inmates recently.

  More than 2,800 layoffs in northeast Ohio in last two weeks, many furloughs extended

Last week, unemployment numbers slowed down across the U.S. and here in Ohio. But the pain is ongoing for families in every corner of our state.