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FBI renews call for help in solving mysterious double murder in a Cleveland Metropark

Kate Brown and her friend Carnell Sledge were found shot to death near a park bench in the Rocky River Reservation.

  Director says Ohio’s unemployment system is better, but still not good enough to handle a surge of claims like we saw in March

Hidden camera: Do Cleveland-area big box stores consistently enforce the mask mandate location to location?

  FBI continues search for missing woman going on 14 years; uncle now in prison on unrelated charges

  Hidden camera: Are Northeast Ohio auto shops following the mask mandate?

  $2M in relief money up for grabs for Cuyahoga County residents to help pay overdue utility bills

  Federal judge in Northeast Ohio grants FTC’s request to shut down fraudulent websites claiming to sell cleaning products amid the pandemic

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  Thousands of Ohioans apply for grant money from the state provided amid the pandemic

Unidentified series searches for answers for families

  Nurse practitioner field grapples with question of whether to standardize curriculum nationwide

  19 Investigates obtains video showing aftermath of Mayfield Heights hit-skip crash that injured a teenager

  19 Investigates creates mail speed test, finds no significant delays using several Cleveland-area post offices

  Officer accuses East Cleveland Police sergeant of attempting to steal drugs seized as evidence (video)

  Murder of Cleveland mother took place at an ‘after-hours location’ known to police, operating on government property

19 News investigators discovered the “club” is actually on government-owned property, and the illegal parties there have been going on for years.

  Who are the 2 suspects accused of attempting to intimidate Black voters in Cleveland, East Cleveland?

The suspects are already under investigation, or facing charges in four other states.

  New data shows there have been 47% more killings in Cleveland so far this year than at this time in 2019

When we pressed the mayor on Oct. 9, the day after he barely addressed the increase in his state of the city speech, he said he’s not bothered by people who think he’s not tough enough on crime.

  Cuyahoga County Prosecutors find a way to keep hope alive for sexual assault victims in cases where suspects are still unidentified decades later

The Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office says it's armed with new resources they say will help them track down violent rapists, who have yet to face punishment.

  $3 billion in unclaimed funds belongs to thousands of Ohioans, are you one of them?

  Cuyahoga County Prosecutors help New Orleans officials crack 45-year-old rape case; Victim now pushing to change Ohio’s ‘statute of limitations’ law

  U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions in region down nearly 60% during pandemic

  New Beachwood police chief recorded telling officers he ‘thumped,’ ‘beat prisoners’ at beginning of career; chief says statements were taken out of context in conversation about police reform

  Ohio could be leader of drone, autonomous aircraft technology

  Less drivers on the road months into pandemic, but deadly crashes are up

  BBB warns about scammers impersonating Amazon representatives as Prime Day draws thousands of customers

As the deals roll out on Amazon Prime Day, the Better Business is warning shoppers about scammers trying to take advantage of them.

  Mentor couple pays thousands for a car they never received; Cleveland BBB warning about car shipping scams

A Mentor couple shelled out thousands and never got the car they paid for online.

  Grand jury declines to charge Beachwood police officer who shot at a shoplifting suspect

A Beachwood police officer who shot at a shoplifting suspect in June of 2019 will not face criminal charges.

  Scammers posing as ‘Apple Support’ hitting Notheast Ohio neighborhoods hard with phone calls

Investigators say they’ve noticed scammers are focusing on certain area codes or pockets of town.

  Downtown Cleveland businesses use grant for repairs and revenue loss; some businesses choosing to stay closed through until after election

However, some concerns are lingering amid both the pandemic and the tense election season.

  Cleveland homicides up, surpass 2019 numbers already in early October

Cleveland homicides are up 31.5% this year when you compare where we are this October to last October.

  First responders urgently push for PTSD coverage at Ohio state capitol

First responders may sign up for the job, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to what they see. They're asking for PTSD coverage as a part of workers' compensation.

  Unidentified: Who was this man found dead in a chimney two decades ago?

“He could’ve fallen in that chimney the July before that or he could’ve been in the chimney for 14 years,” the medical examiner's office said.

  Ohio farmers optimistic new bailout will help them through pandemic

Ohio farmers are breathing a sigh of relief, with funding to help them through the pandemic on the way.

  Cleveland Police release 911 calls from the night Det. James Skernivitz and another man were murdered

19 News Investigators obtained new records in the murder case of a Cleveland detective and one other man.

Restrictions around the site of the presidential debate affecting drives to area emergency rooms

Event officials say many of the road closures will be in place through Thursday.

  More than half of post-9/11 veterans surveyed say mental health worse during pandemic

A new study just released by Wounded Warrior Project surveyed nearly 30,000 post 9/11 wounded veterans from May to June.

  Vacation booking company cancelled months worth of vacations, leaves thousands without refunds, including several customers in Northeast Ohio

19 Investigates learned one company is now under investigation by several state attorneys general.

  Unidentified: Do you know who this man found dead in Lake Erie in 1997 was?

There are more than 50 cases of unidentified bodies in Cuyahoga County.

  Northeast Ohio residents looking for comfort during uncertain times are losing thousands of dollars in ‘pet scams’

People are losing an astounding amount of money looking for a companion in this trying time.

  Embattled Cleveland dance teacher charged in sexual abuse case claims he’s innocent

Terence Greene faces dozens of sexual abuse charges from former students.19 Investigates got to ask him questions in person for the first time Wednesday before his court appearance.

Former Cleveland dance teacher pleads not guilty to 74 felony crimes, including rape and kidnapping of former students

Terence Greene, 54, of Garfield Heights, was indicted on 74 felony counts including multiple counts of rape, sexual battery, felonious assault and kidnapping.

  19 News investigates the transparency of COVID case reporting at 8 Ohio universities

The COVID-19 cases popping up across campuses have many calling for more transparency. 19 News looked at data from eight universities in Ohio.

  More victims of alleged Ponzi scheme come forward to say they were betrayed by family friend

A local financial adviser and two of his associates were recently charged and accused of stealing millions of dollars from dozens of local families. More victims are coming forward to 19 investigates.

  Extra $300 unemployment checks beginning to appear in some claimants’ bank accounts

Some unemployment claimants tell 19 Investigates that extra funds are beginning to hit their accounts.

  Stark County employees ask Ohio Supreme Court to reconsider ruling on drug testing privacy case

Last month, 19 News told you when the judges ruled four to three that companies do have the right to have someone watch employees urinate for a drug screen.

  Company says dispute between 2 cities is why flooding continues at businesses near Cleveland/Garfield Heights border

A company said a dispute between two cities is what’s allowing flood damage to continue at several businesses.

  ‘Governor, unlock the doors now!’ Families of nursing home residents to bring urgent plea to state capitol Saturday

Families of nursing home residents want their voices heard, and some of them are protesting at the state capitol this Saturday.

  How to protect yourself from financial fraud after dozens of victims lose money in alleged Ponzi scheme

19 Investigates is digging into how you can protect yourself from financial fraud.

  Ohio woman loses thousands of dollars in ‘car wrap’ scam

A local woman says she lost thousands of dollars to a sneaky scam officials say they’re seeing right now, here in Northeast Ohio.

  Westlake financial adviser and associates accused of running Ponzi scheme, stealing millions

Dozens of families across Northeast Ohio have lost thousands of dollars they saved their whole lives for.

Akron bar is first to go before Ohio’s Liquor Control Commission after multiple Covid-19 mandate violations issued

The business picked up a fourth citation from the liquor board this holiday weekend.

  Pandemic changes how some sheriff departments track down missing sex offenders

19 Investigates uncovered there are nearly 300 registered sex offenders in Ohio listed as “non-compliant." We also learned the pandemic may be changing investigations, but it’s not stopping them.

  Fraudulent claims made within Ohio’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance system cause delays in payments; 19 News helps claimants straighten out pending claims

Ohio unemployment numbers show that claims continue to decrease, implying more people are going back to work.But those who haven’t yet, are still having trouble navigating state’s outdated system.

  Former CMSD, Tri-C dance teacher indicted on 74 felony counts including rape, kidnapping

Terence Greene, 54, of Garfield Heights, was indicted on 74 felony counts including multiple counts of rape, sexual battery, felonious assault and kidnapping.

  19 Investigates: Nearly 300 registered sex offenders in Ohio missing or wanted by police

19 Investigates found the number of registered sex offenders in Ohio missing or wanted by police has nearly doubled in the last 16 months.

  Ohio lawmakers consider new legislation after 19 News investigation into your privacy rights during drug screenings at work

Representative Sweeney and Senator Nickie Antonio are from the same district, representing a portion of Cuyahoga County.Both, began to take action the day 19 Investigates told them about a supreme court’s decision.

  New drop-in center for human trafficking survivors to open on Cleveland’s East Side

The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center believes a new drop-in center for human trafficking survivors will break barriers that keep them from reaching out for help.

  Questions over whether a company is responsible for protecting its home healthcare workers after local respiratory therapist is attacked, beaten by a patient

A local respiratory therapist came to 19 News, wanting to warn others or seek protection for home healthcare workers still in the business.

19 Investigates home health care industry regulations after respiratory therapist is brutally attacked by a patient

In the days after the attack, the worker discovered the patient had done nearly three decades in prison for rape.

  Operation Safety Net aims to rescue 200 missing Northeast Ohio children

Operation Safety Net recovered 25 missing children in its first two weeks, and the sting is continuing right now.

  Northeast Ohio dance instructor speaks out against colleague accused of sexually assaulting former students

Northeast Ohio dance instructor speaks up about colleague accused of sexual assaulting former dance students

  Ohio Supreme Court issues ruling against woman suing former employer over privacy issues during drug tests; lawmakers consider changes to state law to better protect employees

A decision has been made in a case questioning your privacy rights during a drug screening.

  4 police departments investigating former Northeast Ohio dance instructor for sexually assaulting students and sending nude photos to underage girls

A once revered and respected Northeast Ohio dance teacher is facing alarming allegations. 19 Investigates has confirmed at least four police departments across Ohio are investigating a former dance instructor for sexually assaulting students. We are not identifying him because he has not been charge

  Ohio lawmakers convicted of corruption would have to pay up under new state bill

Ohio’s former Speaker of the House could be on the hook for more than his alleged crime under a new state bill.

  Meth, spiked drugs and overdoses stir concern among Ohio authorities confronted with new battles brought on by pandemic

Undercover buys and working with informants face-to-face were put on hold. At the same time, drug prices shot through the roof.

  Refund offers could be a scam; Garfield Heights victim reports loss of $57,000

Sheryl Harris with the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs says her office has seen refund scam reports skyrocket in the last few months.

  Seniors say laundry room at HUD funded apartment complex has been out of service since November

A call to action as senior citizens say their HUD-funded apartment building has not had a working laundry room since November of last year.

  Be on the lookout for these charity scams during the pandemic, Ohio AG warns

19 Investigates spoke one-on-one with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost over Zoom. He wants you to know the red flags of a bad charity.

Records show Goodyear Tire donates most to GOP as President Trump calls for boycott

Goodyear Tire, like a lot of large companies, donates some big bucks to political candidates and parties.

Dance teacher accused of sexually abusing students released from jail on reduced bond

A judge lowered Terence Greene's bond from $500,000 to $100,000 despite investigators calling him a "flight risk."

  New twist in novel ‘sheriff’s department scam’ tricks Cuyahoga County residents into sending impersonators money

There’s a new twist on a con we’ve warned you about before.

  New research confirms domestic violence cases spiked during pandemic

The pandemic led to a nearly 7.5 percent increase in calls for service during March, April and May, according to research just presented to the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice.

  Lakewood mail delays to blame for receiving school forms past due dates, parents say

Rachel Cruz said a letter from Lakewood schools took nine days to get from the central office to her house, less than two miles away.

  Dance teacher accused of sexual assault arrested out of state back in Cleveland; new lawsuit planned against Cuyahoga Community College

It took 11 days to get the dance teacher into custody after Cleveland Police issued an arrest warrant for him.

  Mail processing equipment dismantled behind Cleveland’s main post office, will the timing of this impact the election and mail-in votes?

Congressman Tim Ryan feels it's an effort by the President to create chaos during the election.

  An Elyria woman leads a protest saying a township restaurant discriminated against her and her young son

Restaurant owner says they are not racist.

  Elderly care providers call on Congress to act now for urgently needed coronavirus aid

Their concerns include lack of PPE, its cost and maintaining their stockpile, access to testing and staffing shortages.They are calling on more support through federal funding.

  Northeast Ohio private schools requiring parents, students to sign new Covid-19 form before returning to classroom

Parents who’ve already made a tough decision to send their kids back to school this fall are now faced with another choice.

Dance teacher extradited to Ohio, high bond requested in student sex abuse case

Terence Greene, 54, of Garfield Heights, was booked into the Cuyahoga County Jail on charges of sexual battery and contempt of court.

  New details on what’s keeping Beachwood police officer on paid administrative leave more than a year after shooting an alleged shoplifter

Imagine knowing you may be in trouble at work, but having to wait more than a year to find out for sure.

  Human trafficking survivors at high risk during the pandemic

Calls to a 24-hour hotline for human trafficking survivors at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center are down 50-percent for the first half of 2020 after years of climbing.

  Federal officials send nursing homes antigen tests, but accuracy questioned after Gov. DeWine false positive

19 Investigates found 50 nursing homes, including 11 in northeast Ohio have received or will be receiving these tests in the next few weeks, according to data from HHS.