Nobody panic: White Claw hard seltzer is running out in the US

Nobody panic: White Claw hard seltzer is running out in the US
"White Claw" hard seltzer confirms a natonwide shortage of popular drink, but we're going to be OK. (Source: whiteclaw/Instagram)

(Gray News/CNN) - The unofficial beverage of summer 2019 is running out just like our long days of sunshine.

If you've visited a store recently to grab a six-pack of your favorite fizzy alcohol, you might have seen some empty shelves.

It seems White Claw is too popular for its own good, according to a report from CNN.

The alcoholic seltzer brand confirmed a nationwide shortage due to a surprising boost in its popularity, and all of your millennial friends probably let out a collective shriek of horror.

While people who regularly say, “I’m not a beer person,” might feel some panic at the loss of a favorite drink, there’s hope.

Those with the company said they are "working around the clock" to restore supply, but they aren't quite sure when that will happen. Until then, they said they will keep shelves in stores stocked "as best they can."

While some are finding empty shelves, others are surprised with empty cans. They’re posting about their disappointment on Twitter when they go to crack open a cold one and nothing pours out.

Our hearts are with you in this difficult time.

White Claw saw a 300% spike in sales in July, compared to the same month last year.

According to Nielsen data, the company clinched more than half of the nation's total hard seltzer sales during Fourth of July week.

Its increase in popularity could be because more people are seeking out alcohol with fewer calories and less sugar.

It’s not clear if the shortage also is affecting other hard seltzer brands like Truly or Bon & Viv, so it may not be so bad after all.

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