Scam Squad

  Scammers targeting people who are out of work with fake ‘secret shopper’ job, Cuyahoga County warns

New reports show that scammers are targeting people who are out of work with fake “secret shopper” job opportunities.Scammers are enticing people with flexible hours and a chance to work from home for great pay.

Scam Alert: FTC issues warning on $1,000 coronavirus relief payments that don’t exist yet

  Ohio Attorney General, FTC and FDA warn about scams related to the coronavirus

  Scientists say criminals can now alter a recording of your voice to potentially scam your loved ones

  Tallmadge woman scammed out of $12,000 in online dating relationship (part 1)

  Tech support scams on the rise as impostors pretend to be companies like Apple

  FTC warns of utility scammers during Ohio’s winter season

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  Scam Squad of Cuyahoga County warns of fake online companies selling puppies

It starts with a cute face and ends with you getting scammed out of both the puppy and thousands of dollars.

Online shopping warning: ‘It pays to be very careful when you are shopping online’

Experts warn of online shopping scams during holiday season.

  Woman falls victim to ‘minister scam,' and now she’s speaking out

She was scammed out of hundreds of dollars. Now, a local woman is sharing her story in hopes that no one else falls for this tricky scheme.

  19 News introduces you to the Scam Squad

They call themselves the scam squad. It’s an organization right here in Cuyahoga County working to make sure your cash and identity are protected.