Scam Squad

  Northeast Ohio rental scams on the rise amid the pandemic

ODJFS warns of potential scam targeting PUA claimants

  Federal judge in Northeast Ohio grants FTC’s request to shut down fraudulent websites claiming to sell cleaning products amid the pandemic

  BBB: Americans lost more money in online shopping scams in 2020 than ever before, experts in Ohio issue warning ahead of holiday season

  BBB warns about scammers impersonating Amazon representatives as Prime Day draws thousands of customers

  Mentor couple pays thousands for a car they never received; Cleveland BBB warning about car shipping scams

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  Scammers posing as ‘Apple Support’ hitting Notheast Ohio neighborhoods hard with phone calls

  Ohio woman loses thousands of dollars in ‘car wrap’ scam

Cuyahoga County Consumer Affairs: Hang up on callers threatening utility disconnection

South Euclid PD: 2 suspects scam 2 elderly people out of $18,000 in ‘pigeon drop’ incidents

  New twist in novel ‘sheriff’s department scam’ tricks Cuyahoga County residents into sending impersonators money

  BBB issues warning after Cleveland man ensnared in cross-country moving scheme

  East Cleveland man scammed during pandemic by someone posing as a bishop at his church

An East Cleveland man says he was scammed out of $1,000 by someone posing as a leader at his church.

  19 Investigates: Can anyone be exempt from wearing a mask in places where it’s mandated?

As scammers continue to take advantage of people during the pandemic, members of the Cuyahoga County Scam Squad are warning there is nothing you can buy or carry to exempt you from the mask mandate we’re all being told to follow right now in Cleveland.

  Numbers from Ohio’s AG Office show more Ohioans are reporting losing money in a romance scam during the pandemic than this time last year

Some locals say they are broke after looking for love during the pandemic.

  Scammers conducting fake coronavirus ‘wellness checks’ in Northeast Ohio to steal personal information

A 77-year-old Glenville woman said she talked to one of the con artists last week.

‘COVID-19 contaminated hazard warning’ signs are fakes, Cleveland Department of Public Health warns

SCAM ALERT: Police warning residents of COVID-19 contact tracing scam

  Local agencies issue warning about extortion scam circulating in Northeast Ohio

  BBB and a local victim warning residents as reports about utility scams rise in the Cleveland area

Twinsburg police warn residents of Ohio Edison scam

  Local scam victim warns others about the danger of advanced fee loans

  Scammers targeting people who are out of work with fake ‘secret shopper’ job, Cuyahoga County warns

New reports show that scammers are targeting people who are out of work with fake “secret shopper” job opportunities.Scammers are enticing people with flexible hours and a chance to work from home for great pay.

  Scam Squad warns about possible scheme asking people to fill out ‘census form’ to receive stimulus check from the government

A family member sent Joshua Wilson a curious Facebook message that contained a link to what looked like the census bureau.“The message stated that if you didn’t fill out the 2020 census form you wouldn’t get a stimulus check,” Wilson said.

  Ohio Attorney General warns of an ‘outbreak of scams’ related to COVID-19

“Thieves and crooks prey on fear and uncertainty."

Scam Alert: FTC issues warning on $1,000 coronavirus relief payments that don’t exist yet

"No matter what this payment winds up being, only scammers will ask you to pay to get it."

  Ohio Attorney General, FTC and FDA warn about scams related to the coronavirus

Officials are issuing an urgent warning about scams related to the coronavirus. In an exclusive interview Attorney General Dave Yost, he told us what to look out for.

  Scientists say criminals can now alter a recording of your voice to potentially scam your loved ones

The Cuyahoga County Scam squad is warning everyone about new technology criminals may be using to pose as grandchildren, or anyone you trust to get information and money.

  Tallmadge woman scammed out of $12,000 in online dating relationship (part 1)

This Valentine’s Day, experts are warning you not to let anyone steal more than your heart.

  Tech support scams on the rise as impostors pretend to be companies like Apple

Hundreds of Ohioans are getting fake calls that look legit, warning you about your computer.

  FTC warns of utility scammers during Ohio’s winter season

Are freezing cold temperatures causing you to turn up the heat inside your home? If you do, pay close attention to those energy bills and watch out for utility scammers.

  Scam Squad: FTC warns of car wrap scams

The FTC is warning consumers about car wrap scams after increases in fraud reports.

  Ohio business inundated with scam emails, Scam Squad issues warning

It could be a billion-dollar mistake that only takes seconds. Scammers are targeting businesses--trying to get you to fall for a fake email or invoice.

  47 million robocalls sent to Northeast Ohio phones in just 1 month -- every one was illegal and now the FTC is suing

Those daily annoying phone calls where someone tires to sell you a product or claims you have unpaid bills are illegal and could soon be fewer calls to your cell phone.

  BBB warns of fake delivery scams

Scammers are getting creative

  Cuyahoga County Scam Squad cautions public on scammer’s favorite tool

During an eight month period this year, Americans reported losing more than $74 million through scams with gift or re-loadable cards.

  Cuyahoga County Scam Squad warns ‘Secret Sister’ Facebook gift exchange is illegal

You’ve probably seen them on Facebook. They’re called “Secret Sister” posts where a friend asks you to buy and send a ten dollar gift in exchange for a bunch of gifts in return.

  Scam Squad of Cuyahoga County warns of fake online companies selling puppies

It starts with a cute face and ends with you getting scammed out of both the puppy and thousands of dollars.

Online shopping warning: ‘It pays to be very careful when you are shopping online’

Experts warn of online shopping scams during holiday season.

  Woman falls victim to ‘minister scam,' and now she’s speaking out

She was scammed out of hundreds of dollars. Now, a local woman is sharing her story in hopes that no one else falls for this tricky scheme.

  19 News introduces you to the Scam Squad

They call themselves the scam squad. It’s an organization right here in Cuyahoga County working to make sure your cash and identity are protected.