CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The K-Mart that use to sit on West 150th Street and Lorain Avenue is now a dull, empty building.

It won’t be that way for long.

By next year, it will be filled with retail stores, specifically Ross, Burlington, and Big Lots.

There are also talks about an Aldi grocery store and Starbucks being added to the area.

“If you look at West Park, this site is probably one of the most important sites to residents in the neighborhood,” said Rosemary Mudry, executive director of West Park Kamm’s Neighborhood Development.

Mudry says roughly $10 million for economic development is on its way.

“Having this critical most visible intersection in our neighborhood have investment and development is a signal to residents that the place where they are spending their time,” said Mudry. “When they are investing in their homes. That other people are seeing the value of their neighborhood as well.”

Mudry said residents tell her they are excited about these future shops coming in. She believes it will bring back pride in the neighborhood.

“One of the things we heard consistently is people wanted to be able to buy clothes in the neighborhood, they wanted to be able to shop for groceries,” she said. “They wanted to be able to stay in the neighborhood and spend their dollars in the neighborhood.”

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