Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel, Ministry of Communications Director General Liran Avisar Ben-Horin, and the Ministry of Communications senior officials visited Gilat Telecom (of the Satcom Systems Group)

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 8:00 AM EDT

PETACH-TIKVA, Israel, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel, Director General Liran Avisar Ben-Horin and the Ministry of Communications senior officials were given a review of Gilat Telecom's business and toured the Company facilities and its teleport on October 7, 2021.

The Ministry of Communications has placed caring for each one of the country's residents at the top of its priorities, whether they live in the country's south or north. It has been working tirelessly to make outstanding, efficient telecommunication accessible to all. The senior echelon in the Ministry of Communications is working non-stop to lead the broadband communication revolution in Israel.

As part of their visit, Gilat Telecom presented the capabilities of satellite communications, which have undergone a radical upgrade over the past few years. They now facilitate delivery of Internet, cellular, information security, backup etc. services at extremely high throughputs with excellent coverage.

Gilat Telecom presented the satellite's ability to provide advanced telecommunication services at rapid rates to every point in Israel and in particular to those places the fiber optic network is absent. Gilat presented the quality of service and its benefits to a large proportion of the population. Nowadays, the advanced satellites, which have been (and will be) launched, are expected to deliver unprecedented levels of speed and acuity of service, in many cases even outperforming the fiber infrastructure.

Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel said: "Satellite communication is one of the instruments of narrowing disparities when it comes to advanced communication infrastructures. Gilat Telecom has an important part to play in a variety of strategic areas in Israel besides its brisk business in Africa and in other regions. I was pleased to visit the Company and discuss Starlink with them - an ongoing project being run jointly with SpaceX regarding their entry into the Israeli market in those regions where the deployment of fiber optics is complicated. Elon Musk's vision, Gilat Telecom's accomplishments and the revolution being led by the Ministry of Communications, together are going to facilitate healthier competition, which begins in the sea, with cables on land and fibers, and culminating in space with satellite dishes and fast Internet reception everywhere."

Ami Barlev, Company Chairman, noted: "The satellite indeed is an outstanding telecommunications product which the State and the people ought to regard as a high-quality substitute and/or complement of the traditional telecommunication networks. The Ministry of Communications is now enjoying an era which is one of the most highly-professional Israel has seen in recent decades. At the same time, it is our civil and national duty to open up a broad range of infrastructure options, rather than relying solely on the traditional telecommunications providers. A country like Israel has to have a broad range of infrastructures and options, both under normal circumstances and in an emergency. The satellite provides exactly the right kind of solution for this need - in particular since it is an excellent service, it is based on the highest-quality technology and it is economically worthwhile - while presenting a value proposition and diversity to every resident in the country."

"Gilat Telecom is a story of Israeli pride. A small Israeli company that brings Internet, cellular and other telecommunication services to close to 40 million people in Africa and in fact brings progress and connectivity to remote regions. A small Israeli company that brings telecommunication and Internet to millions that need it as much as they need the air they breathe - facilitating medical services, hygiene, education etc. Communication today is a fundamental, indispensable resource. An Israeli company that connects the unconnected, serves the underserved, supports close to 40 million people, hospitals, educational institutions etc. We bring international pride to Israel. The Israeli-Security Division of Gilat Telecom provides proprietary satellite communication solutions at sea, in the air and on land and provides its customers with the possibility to transmit data, Internet, video and conversations from any point to any point in the world at any given moment in order to accomplish their missions (police and state forces)."

Gilat Telecom expressed its appreciation of the Minister of Communications' policy and of the highly-professional visit.

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