Thursday Morning Headlines

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Rise and shine, sleepyhead, a gorgeous summertime day awaits you!

Meteorologist Jenn Harcher is calling for a sun-filled Thursday with temperatures creeping toward a more seasonable reading. The sun won't be the only thing on the rise this morning - the humidity is also expected to join the fun making outside conditions a tad sticky.

Check out Jenn's complete Ford First Alert forecast HERE.

Things are looking pretty nice on the roadways at this hour but it doesn't hurt to check real-time travel conditions before heading out this Thursday morning.

Here are just a few of the stories we are working on this hour!

Developing news out of Cleveland this Thursday morning. 19 Action News on the scene after a boat crashes into a breakwall at Edgewater Park. Three people rushed to the hospital.

More fallout in the ongoing Cuyahoga County Corruption probe. County Commissioners are slated to meet later today as the feds continue to turn up the heat.

And - 'Bron a bad sport?? Find out why Nike swiped a tape from photogs at the King's camp.

So grab that remote and your first cup of coffee and join us for these stories and more on 19 Action News This Morning!

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