DAS Statement

As the president and leader of D-A-S, I want to reiterate that at the recommendation of D-A-S, former employee Steven Pumper resigned in April 2009 and has zero involvement with the company. He has been on leave since September 2008.

While today's news is unfortunate for the individual and his family, it does not affect our business or our ability to perform excellent work. We want to make clear that any decisions made by an individual that were contrary to good corporate ethics were made by the individual without the approval of the company or board.

We want to restate that the government has advised that D-A-S Construction Co. is not a target of the investigation. We have cooperated completely with any information needed from the company.

As president, I will continue to lead D-A-S in conjunction with the management team of: Jeffrey Schroll, vice president of operations; Lori Alba, marketing director; Jeff Komar, chief financial officer; and Steven Brandle, Select Projects Group manager. All are veterans of the company, have contributed significantly to D-A-S's continued growth and excellent work, are accomplished professionals and are highly regarded members of the construction industry and business community.

D-A-S will continue to move forward with the principles that have helped drive our company's steady growth and well-earned reputation as an industry leader. These principles are to consistently deliver excellent work; to provide ongoing educational opportunities for our staff, the community and our clients; and to harness the strength and talent of our professionals.

As always, we appreciate your careful consideration of D-A-S Construction Co. as a whole.

Best regards,
Jeffrey J. Troxell | President