New Look: Ohio Driver's License and State ID Cards Get A New Look

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COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - You don't have to do a double take, Ohio's new driver's license and state identification cards are salmon in color.

The new cards went into  effect July 30th. "Whether it's through preparedness exercises, Homeland Security or the BMV, we are always working to keep Ohioans safe and secure," said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Henry Guzmán. "The new driver license has helped Ohio take a significant step toward keeping with national standards and improving security."

With the implementation of the new equipment statewide, customers, law enforcement, grocers and others will begin to see the new licenses and IDs in wide circulation. The new format is significantly different in appearance and includes additional security features.

Changes include:

  • The license has been changed to a salmon color and the design now includes the addition of a state of Ohio outline logo which will indicate the type of card (i.e.: driver license; commercial driver license; temporary instruction permit and/or identification card).
  • The main photo will now appear in the top left-hand corner and the ghost image will appear on the right side of the card.
  • The individual's information lines are now numbered to assist law enforcement.
  • There is no longer a "table of contents" on the back of the DL or ID with the entire list of driving restrictions; only restrictions applying to the individual are listed and will be abbreviated. If the individual has no driving restrictions, no restrictions will be listed on the back of the DL. This change occurred in November 2008 as part of an initial round of changes.
  • The magnetic strip will now identify males or females with a designation of 1 or 2 respectively.
  • Individuals holding a DL or ID printed in the old formats are still valid until the DL or ID is expired. Customers are not required to obtain a replacement DL or ID if they have the old format.
  • Anyone with questions regarding the new format should contact the Ohio BMV at: 614-752-7500.

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