Cuyahoga County Juvenile Crime

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A recent surge in juvenile crime prompted 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek to do some digging. 

The new report details juvenile crime in Cuyahoga County - more violence, more sex crimes and more in the suburbs.

Read complete statistics HERE

New stats show teen homicide is up nearly a quarter with juvenile assault, robbery and domestic violence up slightly, too.

The new report also shows punks committed slightly less crime in the city in the last year. A bit more is happening in the suburbs.

Teen sex crimes is also up more than 40%. More suburban kids are "sexting" - sending dirty pictures of themselves among friends. Attorneys are seeing more kids in trouble for porn.

Because there are more serious felony crimes like murder, about twice as many kids are getting transferred to adult court to face a judge.

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