Nasty Smell: Drained Lake's Dead Fish Makes Residents Gag!

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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - There's a funny smell in the air, but some apartment residents say there nothing funny about it at all.

A two-acre lake at the Islander Apartments was drained over the weekend, and the fish were left to die in the scorching sun.

Now, people living in those apartments say the smell is just horrible.

Apartment managers ignored 19 Action News' calls and emails over the weekend asking why the lake was drained to begin with and what will happen now to those dead fish soaking up the sun.

They responded with a written statement Monday morning.


"The Islander Apartments, working in partnership with the Ohio EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers, is undergoing an extensive remediation program to enhance and restore the ecological health of its community lake. Over the past several decades, the depth of The Islander lake has been significantly reduced from ground run off and natural sedimentation. This increase in sediment and silt has greatly reduced the lake's overall water quality and has negatively impacted its natural habitat. Preliminary draining and dredging efforts are currently underway to correct the problem and restore the lake's optimal depth and aesthetic beauty.

The Islander has, and will continue to work diligently with federal, state and local authorities to conserve, protect and promote all species of wildlife that rely on the lake's habitat. The Islander is pleased to undertake such a significant environmental project that will benefit both the public and the wildlife for many years to come."

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