Court order shuts down store’s adult video booths

EASTLAKE, Ohio - Vine Street News is open for business, but its adult video booths are not, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

A court order shut down the store's video booths.

The store is located right next to a neighborhood filled with children, and most people who live nearby said that they hope the court order is the first step in shutting down the business for good.

Eastlake's mayor, Dan DiLiberto, moved in Wednesday morning to shut down a section of the store. There will be no more private viewings for 25 cents per play any time soon.

"We had undercover police officers in here for two years," DiLiberto said. "They were swabbing the floors, actually undercover, and were solicited by people from all walks of life."

Police said that they found used condoms and semen on the video booth floors and saw illicit sexual activity in the parking lot of the store.

Employees inside the store shut the door closed when an Action News crew arrived to get a comment Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors, including Alice Phillips, said that they'd like for the city to close the door on the store.

"I think it should be gone," Phillips said. "I don't like it for the kids. I don't think it's a good thing to have. I'm past the age for all that porno stuff."

Some people aren't quite as passionate about closing the store. Larry Varwig said that it's no big deal. He said that it's just a store.

"Everybody's got their choice," Varwig said. "Everyone gets their kick off in different ways."

Vine Street News doesn't, however, provide the kind of kicks that Prudence Ross desires. She owns a consignment store right across the street from the porn palace.

"I'll feel a lot better when it's completely gone," Ross said. "I think the whole community will."

Police took inventory at the store on Wednesday. They'll take that information to a hearing on Feb. 3. From there, a judge will decide if anyone will ever again get a peek at Vine Street News peep shows.