Not Guilty: Defendants Plead Not Guilty to Using $44-Million-Dollars In Fraudulent Loans

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The 45 defendants who engaged in over 500 real estate transactions to purchase 453 houses in Cuyahoga County for $50 million were arraigned in court Thursday morning.

Those that attended all pled not guilty.

These houses were purchased with fraudulent loans totaling $44 million. The defendants siphoned off more than $31 million from their criminal enterprise.

The following 11 defendants were indicted on mortgage fraud-related offenses including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a first degree felony: Uri Gofman, Tony Viola, Igor Gofman, Kevin Landrum, Dave Pirichy, Dale Adams, Steve Greenwald, George Gardner, James Leoni, along with Real Asset Fund owned by Uri Gofman and Karka Inc., which is also owned by Uri Gofman.

The other 34 defendants were indicted on mortgage fraud-related offenses.

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