43 Forum: Education, Young Adolescent and Turnaround Schools

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CLEVELAND, OH - (October 11) Host Harry Boomer talks with guests from Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

The show focuses on adolescents/middle school students and educating then properly.  Oftentimes they kind of get lost in the shuffle between elementary and high school students.

TurnAround Schools are schools where there has been a total re-thinking of how to teach, how to relate to students from high poverty, but low performing schools.

The problem:  Five percent or 5-thousand of America's one hundred thousand schools, representing more than 2.5million students are on track to fall into the most extreme federal designation for failure by 2009-2010.

The solution...standards, testing and accountability to for the first time identify chronically under-performing schools and engage the public, policy-makers and education professionals to turnaround the bottom five percent..

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