Hoax?: Sheriff Will Re-Interview the Balloon Boy Family


(CNN) -- Authorities looking at how a giant Mylar balloon escaped a family's backyard may interview the family again following some remarks in media interviews, authorities said Friday.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department will "revisit the possibility of a re-interview" with the Heene family, said department spokeswoman Eloise Campanella.

Sheriff James Alderden said the interview would not take place Friday because the family was exhausted. Authorities may pursue it on Saturday, he said. 

Alderden added that his department is completing background checks on the parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene.

Thursday night on CNN's "Larry King Live," 6-year-old Falcon Heene -- who for a time was feared to be on the balloon -- said to his parents, "You guys said we did this for the show."

The parents say he was confused. On CNN's "American Morning," Richard Heene said media had been assembled on the front lawn, asking all sorts of questions, and that's what Falcon was referring to.

Investigators have said they do not believe the incident was a hoax.

Falcon had been hiding in a box in the attic.

Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Alderden said, "Obviously, with some of the interviews that took place in the media last night, additional questions came up, so we will be contacting them again this morning. Hopefully they'll be cooperative and we do intend to pursue additional interviews."

But he said "very seasoned investigators who are used to looking for deceptive behavior" spoke with the family Thursday and were "completely convinced that this was a real deal, and not a hoax, based on all of their communication, their body language, their emotions that were displayed throughout the event of yesterday."

The family chases storms and takes videos of some. They were also featured in March on the ABC program "Wife Swap." 

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