Editorial: Reform Opponents Getting Nervous


Cleveland, OH (WOIO)- The entrenched political power structure in Cuyahoga County is getting nervous.

Recent polls and absentee voting levels both indicate that voters are ready to give overwhelming approval next month to Proposition 6.

That's the measure that would bring sweeping reform to county government and take the first big step towards throwing the current crop of hacks and miscreants out of office.

But the establishment boys aren't going quietly.

Supporters of Proposition 5, which would merely study reform and not enact it and which was designed and put on the ballot by the county commissioners to confuse voters. Are trying desperately to undermine support for real reform.

For most of last week, they have been accusing architects of proposition 6 (namely county Prosecutor Bill Mason) of failing to include ethics language in the proposal and - specifically- that mason accepts campaign donations from his employees.

Mason should not be accepting employee donations - that's true - but for the backers of proposition 5 (many of whom have been cozy for years with now-indicted or soon-to-be indicted local officials) to be lecturing about ethics in this current climate is just too funny.

Proposition 6 is crucial if there is to be a renaissance in good government here, folks.....and you must support it.

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