The House: Suspected Serial Killer's Home Had Overwhelming Stench of Death

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Filthy, eerie and filled with an overwhelming stench of death. Those words best describe the home of suspected serial killer  and convicted rapist Anthony Sowell.

Other than the five bodies found inside of the home and the sixth body buried in the backyard, the house was virtually covered with a layer of grime and the floors were covered in trash.

There was minimal furniture on the first floor and the third floor had a some more furniture plus a bed. There was also food in the bedroom. Some of the food included rotten meat.

Sources tell 19 Action News that there were piles of clothes everywhere, some of which was women's clothing.

Cleveland Police also found two shovels in the house, one on the third floor and another downstairs.

The smell of death was laced throughout the entire home, that's what was inside of the house of horror on Imperial Avenue.

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