KSU Arrests: Four Cuffed, Stuffed After Robbery On Campus Of Kent

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KENT, OH (WOIO) - New details in a weekend robbery on the campus of Kent State University.

Four people - three of whom are students - have been arrested in connection with the Sunday morning robbery near the Commons area of campus.

A tip from a KSU student coupled with campus surveillance video helped lead to the arrest of students Jose Lino, Daejshon Norton and Mykel Benson. The fourth suspect is a juvenile who is not a Kent State student, and his name is not being released.

"The men arrested in this incident are not representative of our student body," said Kent State President Lester A. Lefton. "Kent State students are law abiding, hard working and great representatives of the many communities from which they hail. For example, over the last two years, our students have volunteered more than 50,000 hours in this community and throughout the country, giving back and helping others. The success of the arrests was a joint effort between our police department and our students who stepped up to provide tips, including the one that ultimately led to these arrests. I appreciate the efforts of the community, in particular our students, to get involved and watch out for each other."

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