Editorial: The Party Crashers


CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was artist Andy Warhol who prophesized thirty years ago that in the future everyone would have their fifteen minutes of fame.  It turns out, unfortunately, that the strange little man was right. But even worse…in this age of social web sites and reality television…those determined to get their fifteen minutes are not above pulling all manner of outrageous and often illegal stunts.

That's what happened with the balloon boy and his maladjusted parents who frightened half the nation with their scam aimed at getting them a reality tv show. And ditto now for Michaele and Tareq Salahi …who crashed President Obama's very first white house state dinner. We might shake our heads in disbelief at the antics of some of these attention-starved clowns…but in the case of the white house party crashers, we and the government ought to react with alarm.

The Salahi's were inches away from the president and if they had been trained terrorists, they could have done serious harm. The secret service personnel on duty and the white house social staff… who should have been present but weren't… both need to be disciplined and the fame-seeking salahi's need to make their next visit to a jail cell.

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