DISTURBING VIDEO: Iraqi Journalist Shooting Video

At least 49 people have been killed in a series of bombings in Iraq on Tuesday. At least five bombs ripped through apartment buildings across Baghdad and another struck a market. Iraqi officials are blaming al-Qaida in Iraq for the violence, which comes amid an unresolved parliamentary election.

This, on the heels of some disturbing video from the gun camera of a U.S. helicopter in Iraq. It allegedly shows an attack nearly three years ago that raises questions about the actions of the crew.

The video was posted on the Internet by Wikileaks - an organization that leaks official material in what it believes is the public interest.

A word of warning now - it shows the violent killing of two journalists.

On the left, Saeed Chmagh and on the right, 22-year old Namir Noor Eldeen. They are there on assignment for the Reuters News Agency.

The video - shot from a U.S. attack helicopter - shows the men walking through a Baghdad neighborhood where U.S. forces had been battling Shiite militants.

Soldiers in the helicopter mistake their camera equipment for weapons and get permission to attack the two journalists - and all those around them come under fire.

The incident - which plays out over 40 minutes - eventually shows an SUV coming to rescue the wounded. It, too, comes under fire.

Two children inside were wounded - an American soldier hurries to get medical attention for one of them.

In all - 12 people were killed, including the two journalists.

Wikileaks says it got the video from military whistleblowers - but won't say whom.

And the Reuters News Agency, which had long fought to get this video, is demanding the U.S. Military conduct a full and objective investigation.