O-High-O?: State Rep. leads a new push to legalize Pot in the Buckeye State

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There's a new push in Ohio to make marijuana legal so it can be used as medicine.

19 Action News spoke with the State Rep. Kenny Yuko who's backing the idea.

The Richmond Heights Democrat says he was moved to campaign for the cause after hearing the stories of those who can't be comforted by anything else. "People suffering with health issues...they want to feel better is what it comes down to."

Yuko says it's not just cancer sufferers who could benefit but people with glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis patients, like himself, would also be free to feel better.

Voters though, are split on the idea.

"I would definitely vote for it. I think that it is right, people should be allowed, if doctor's given it to them they should know how to use it responsibly.....so I don't see a problem with it, said Chrissy Wilson.

Rose Haas feels differently. "I wouldn't want my kids smoking pot or doing pills or anything..so no I wouldn't vote for it."

As it's written now, the bill would allow patients with a prescription to have medical marijuana delivered, or grow their own but the volume and the frequency of dosages would be monitored.

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