Governor Strickland on the Defensive about his business Trips

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -Governor Ted Strickland's office is on the defensive after reports surfaced about him taking five minute plane flights and those trips are costing taxpayers thousands.

The information in "Transgressions on the Tarmac" was written in the offbeat Columbus newspaper called "The Other Paper."

The author slams the governor for his use of his taxpayer paid plane.

It accuses Gov. Strickland of having it flown from Ohio State's Airport, where its normally housed, to Port Columbus International to pick him up.

The article also states the governor has made this trip a couple dozen times over the last few months, costing tax payers nearly 4 thousand dollars.

The governor's press secretary told 19 Action News that it is necessary for him to do the make the most of his time.

In just more than a year Strickland made 23 trips using 32 thousand dollars in taxpayer money.

But, compare it to his predecessor Bob Taft who reportedly averaged 66 flights for a total of 73 thousand dollars.

This leaves us to ask what is really behind this article?

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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