Deadly Fire: Rash of Violence in Cleveland in the Past Week

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CLEVELAND (WOIO) - In the past week and a half Cleveland has seen a rash of violence.  Could it be tied to the string of warm weather in the city?

As the weather warms more people are out and about and more potential victims are on the street.

Dr. Theron Quist is the Chair of the Sociology Department at Baldwin Wallace College.

"I don't know there's a lot we can do about the nature of society and that seems to be where this is rooted, either in our biology or the way society works. as those patterns shift crime pattern will shift," said Dr. Quist.

In the past ten days, a young woman was found strangled and beaten on the side of I-90.

A parking lot attendant was shot dead after an argument.

A 50-year old woman was confronted at a gas station, stalked, and shot dead.

A gunman approached three people standing on a street and opened fire.  One person was killed. The other two shot, but survived.

Quist said we must think about our safety. "When we're out we can be safer or less safe depending on who we surround ourselves with."

But it's not all gloom and doom.  National crime stats show we are safer now than we have been in the last twenty years.

But tragically, like some of the violence we have seen around Cleveland lately, sometimes people are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Some of these cases when someone just seems to snap, might be the weather, might be a bad day, wife had a problem, they had a problem....we probably don't know," said Quist.

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