Consumer Alert for Lip Gloss Users

USA (WOIO) - A national cosmetic chain is discontinuing a promotional gift which includes a product that has caused serious allergic reaction in some women. On the consumerwatch, there's a warning about a free lip gloss that triggered numerous complaints.

The pretty lip glosses were a gift for buying stuff at a popular makeup store ...but instead

of shiny lips, consumers got a big surprise.

The gift was from Sephora... three "super shimmer"  lip glosses. Mary Dull of Santa Clara  hoped they'd give her .....luscious lips. "it's just three mini lip glosses that you get which is super convenient cause you can just put it in your bag and reapply it whenever"

But after a few applications, Mary says her lips felt ... dry...and then -- puffy --- but not in a good way.

A visit to urgent care stopped the swelling ... but it didn't stop Mary from filing a complaint with Sephora .

After no response , she contacted Consumerwatch.

Senior scientist Rebecca Sutton checked the ingredients in the agency's cosmetic safety database, and the results weren't pretty.

Sephora even highlights four of those nine ingredients as allergy concern. In fact, Sutton says the product is "potentially dangerous" and should be avoided. And,  with numberous online complaints, Sephora did stop selling the super shimmer lip glosses to have the product tested.